Monday, April 11, 2011

a.k.a ninu.

Finally, I'm done with my 10 days research. I think many people who were reading my blog for the past 10 days might be wondering what I'm talking about. In one of my previous post, I had said 'guys' follow / comment a blog if the author is a girl, no matter how good the content is.

As on March 31 2011, I had 37 followers and the average number of comments on my blog was 7 or 8 max. Now, since I changed my name to 'Ninu', I've got 49 followers and average number of comments is 15 minimum. And not just that. This stupid research helped me with something else too.

I'm sorry for those who actually commented and followed my blog thinking I'm Ninu. I didn't mean to offend or cheat you people.

I'm more than happy that I got a few new friends. One of them is very nice, one of them is very beautiful, one of them is very sarcastic, one of them just look for grammar mistakes in what we type, one of them is very professional, one of them is very childish, one of them writes poems about love though she is not in love, one of them is very young though she writes matured, and so on.

I would like to thank Red for her valuable suggestions. I think she got irritated the first time she knew the idea but I'm glad she gave me the bravest of all suggestions. I thank Gowthami for deleting my comments which I wrote on her blog, thanks to Ash for she understood what I'm up to. Many thanks to MSM for she gave me an award though she took it back later. I hope you will give me some award some day. Thanks to Alcina and Pria for they supported me. Thanks to Always Happy for she too supported me and eagerly waited for the results.

I just can't imagine if I earned 12 new followers in 10 days, what will be the case of those (girls) who have been blogging since years? ;)

PS: Many of you might be wondering if I'm following a blog just because the author is a girl. Yes, to be very honest. I guess I follow a couple of blogs (or more, I have no idea). I don't mind saying it here. I love to say the truth.

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Photo Credit (first pic): Daniel Heitz / Image / Website
Photo Credit (second pic): Octavio Lopez / Image


Alcina said...

:)))))) ...Results are out

Thanks for mentioning me...I supported you but i don't know how..well will ask you later :)

Well glad i could understand your research..

And a very great sting operation :P


Always Happy said...

Anoop, I appreciate your honesty. It takes courage to do that.

Good luck with blogging as 'You' and not Ninu.

Always Happy

Anoop said...

yes...u supported me.. by not mentionin my name on ur reply-comments.... :)

thanks.. :)

Anoop said...

Hey Hamesha Khush
thanks for droppin by... n ur valuable suggestions... thanks a lot... :)

Red Handed said...

Pwahahhaha!!! My name on the top of thy esteemed list!! *blushes and faints*... Okie too much f melodrama! Your research did work out! Thr was a sudden explosion f followers frm the moment you got baptised to Ninu the goggled girl luking up towards the sky. Well the changing f pic to a sesky girl was mine! Atleast lemme think tht way!...n btw i took offence when u told tht u follow some blogs coz they r by girls! I feel like a blond!!

☆ Rià ღ said...

ha ha yeah i did get confused to see ur name change from Anoop to Ninu! Some sting operation it was huh! :D

What's in a name? said...

Haha screw you Dude :D ! Btw, you got a new reader which was me only when you converted to Nilu..ninu whatever...coz i would not have bothered reading a random guys blog :P Haha ! So you followed my blog because... (fill in the blanks)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

You know the Award I gave you was well suited for "Ninu" :P I'll give it to you again some day :)

Anushree said...

haha...i was really i thot i'll just wait and see what this research was all bout..!!
btw....m a female....nd i still dont have many followers.....guess thats jus bcoz i don post much!!!

Megha said...

hehe...i havent read previous blogposts..but this is cool :D hadnt seen sting operation on blog before ;)

Pria said...

i say.. now guys start searching for the unfollow button.. how can someone cheat you like this?? dare he does it again.. UNFOLLOW right now guys ;)

Anoop, thanks for mentioning me.. :)

Unruly Rebel said...

well this is something so true, like you cal call it a universal fact... :)
nice post...

Unruly Rebel
something THEY call life

Raghu said...

hahaha.. wht a research..!! U got th results right..!!!

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

hahahaha..this is very very funny...!!
You had this research thing going on..i was pretty much convinced..that you have handed over your blog to someone else :P

Welcome back Anoop =)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Ohh finally it is over...Yayy :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Ohh finally it is over...Yayy :)

Anoop said...

No dont think tat way..hehe m not followin u in tat way.. ;) its jus u write well... :D hehehehe
n yea u top the list..cuz u were the first one to know... :)

this was one hell of a sting operation.. ;) :D

Anoop said...

wats in a name need to fill in the blanks.. :)
i think u bein a gal is not a reason of my followin ur blog.. :) everyone writes really well.... :D
thanks for droppin by.... :) n for the support.. :)

u better do... :P
wil kill u otherwise... :D

Anoop said...

yes by the name i can guess u a female.. :D n hey u need followers??? i hav an idea.. change ur profile pic... :D

thanks a lot for droppin by... :)

Anoop said...

oho... they r followin me cuz i write really well... :P once someone starts followin me, they r nt allowed to un-follow.. :D heheheh

Anoop said...

thanks for droppin by........... :)

thanks for droppin by..... :) thanks for ur comments...

yes i knew u wud think tat way seein ur comment on my previous post... :) thanks anyway... :D

Anoop said...

yes...its over..finallyyyy.. :D

Arunima said...

hey Anoop, I have been blogging for 7 yrs. Happen to be a woman. Not many followers, but I am beyond all that now. Surviving this long is enough for me with the few loyal readers and friends that I have got on the way. of course, I must confess I did get a lot of fan mails from guys which stopped after marriage. :-)

Anoop said...

thanks for your comment.. :) omg u hav been bloggin since 7yrs?? :O omg..

fan mails huh??? hahah..okay.. anywy lucky u tat it stopped after marriage.. :D

maithili said...

Well I m a girl and I do not have more than 12 followers.Those who follow are too lazy to comment :) But the thing about writing a blog is that you get to share with strangers and one of those bad days I have when I am at college and some college mate comes and says "Hey that thing you wrote was awesome" makes my day.. That's the inspiration.. So count not the followers or the comments , be happy to reach the unknown :)

Anoop said...

wat u said is true..i kno thr s no use in countin the number of ppl who follow us... :) but it still makes us happy na..when u see the number of followers increasin... ?? :D

i mean..i feel so... :D

S said...

Bleh !
Am a girl.. I don't have hundreds of followersssssssss... :-| and am blogging since.. ahem.. 3 yrs may be!
your research does not give correct conclusions :(

maithili said...

ofcourse it makes me happy too..

Anoop said...

my conclusions r never wrong..mayb u dont hav enough followers cuz u r not updatin ur blog frequently... :D


Anoop said...

thanks for followin............... m happy.... u r my 50th follower.. :D

ash89 said...

Lol. Cant believe you actually went through the trouble of conducting that research!
But thanks for sharing the results! And welcome back ANOOP!
Bye bye NINU!

Anoop said...

it wasnt much of trouble.. :)

hehehe.. thanks for ur welcome..n ur support.. :)

TurbulentMind said...

I know you mentioned me up there. And I also know you followed my blog because I am a girl :P

But, that's not always the case (example, my blog :P :P but that could be coz it's plain bad :P )

I think you took interest and followed blogs, which is why people returned the gesture.

Gowthami said...

whoaa..haha...task accomplished finally...hmmm 10 days 12 followers..hehe congrats..kk..

oh..hehe my name on list made me smile.. :) ;) thanks alot!
btw i guessed ur research topic and it was right to 100%.

carry on with your honest researches and valid conclusions ;) :)

Anoop said...

Turbulent mind
Good tat u identified urself..n m not followin u cuz u r a gal..i dont follow gals jus by seein her eyes.. :P n i follow u cuz u write well... :D
thanks for droppin by... :)

Anoop said...

really?? it made u smile?? thanks... :) tats wat i wanted.. :) to bring a smile on everyone's face.. :)
hey thanks for ur support... thanks for deletin those comments.. :D

i wil soon b back with other stupid researches.. ;)

Nikita said...

36 Viwes..lolzzzz

You are fun to read and I disagree that people follow if the blogger is a girl...its just that girls are more emotional and they are more on blogger..

Anyways , You are fun to read...god bless you with great great friends .btw ,was i there among the people you mentioned ??lolzzzz

Anoop said...

37 views.. :D

thanks a lot for ur valuable comments.. they r inspiration to me... thanks for ur lovely comments.. :D yea..i made some good frnds.. :D

maithili said...

:) m liking your blog !! well when you started following me as ninu I couldnt locate ur blog!!


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