Sunday, February 28, 2010

i came home to sleep.

I haven't slept properly for a while. I dont get to sleep properly when I'm in Coimbatore. I will go to bed at 12 or probably 12.30 after spending sometime talkin to my friends and then go to bed. Gotta wake up by 8.30 minimum to reach office at 10, though my office starts at 9.

Following this timing throughout a month left me with lot of sleeplessness and anyone could easily spot it looking into my eyes. After waiting for a month or so, I came home hoping to sleep till 11 in the morning.

Today morning Mom came to wake me up at 8.30. According to her, 8.30 is too late. I ignored her scoldings and slept again. I tried to get her sympathy saying about my work at office and my tensions though I dont have any work at all ;). She came at 9 to cal me again. I ignored that too. But she came with a glass of water and poured into my eyes. I ignored. Thanks to Mom again for training me (how to sleep even when someone sprinkle water into my eyes) these many years. She did that twice.

Now, its a warning. She gives only two chances and if I dint get up by then, she will use her ultimate trick. Her weapon is still water, but this time she is gonna attack my ears. OMG! That's her last resort. Just a single drop. It will wash away a week's sleep and I will jump off my bed. She gives me a cute smile as if nothing of that sort happened and I love her for that :D

PS: Unit of time (in this blog) is 'AM'... khe khe khe...

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

beautiful heart award.

First of all, I would like to thank Riya for giving me this award.
Rules :
=> List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
=> List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
=> Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart [optional].
=> Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
=> Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
=> Have Fun !!
So, 4 things that keep my inner self beautiful! Let me first think if my inner self is beautiful or not. khe khe khe...yea its really beautiful! OMG! :D
1. I always believe only good things happen to good people.
2. I believe in friendship, though I dont have many friends.
3. I do adjust a lot for the ones who are very close to me.
4. I trust in love.
Now, 4 things that keep me physically beautiful!(?)
OMG! I'm running outa points. I have never felt I'm handsome! khe khe khe...though I like staring into the mirror. I will tell you what I like when I stare into the mirror! Hope that would be OK. ;)
1. My specs
2. My short-hair-cut
3. My complexion, maybe?
4. My dress, obviosuly :D
5 Beautiful hearts in and around my blog!
1. Urvashi - cuz I know her than any of my other blogger friends.
2. Arthi - for her genuine comments n beautiful poems.
3. Riya - for her lovely and so childish blogs and only a beautiful-heart can find spot another beautiful-heart and she gave me this award ;) :D
4. Soumya - for her AC Bus! :P
5. Anoop! khe khe khe...tats me :D

Okay...I dont know if these people are already being tagged. But please dont mind. Cuz I dont know anybody else here :((

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i'm in a deadlock.

I never thought we could stay separated for this long. When I try to come closer, you push me away. And you are expecting me to solve this?

It’s like you locked the door from inside and asking me to get in without touching the door.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my jaws dropped open, watchin this.

I've become a fan of TED lately. So, I decided to 'embed' those videos in here so that I dont wanna go hunt for it later. And you gotta watch this!

i'm like what i used to be.

I dont know how to make you understand. I'm not bored of anything as you think. I have my own reasons for my anger, just like you do. And just to remind you, I might be the first person on the planet waiting for the Valentine's gift even when February 14 2010 became history.

I haven't changed. Its just that you cant accept the way I'm.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tit for tat.

I'm running out of words. I dont know how to explain the situation. But I just know I'm hurt. Completely! I agree that I did a mistake. You decided to punish me and stopped talking to me. I dint say a word cuz I was guilty. Now, you did the same mistake. So I, obviously, decided to punish you. But even before that you decided how should I punish and how long it should last? Wow!

If you are to do everything, then why do u think I'm here?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

yet another finding.

I had once asked in one of my blog (and God knows which blog it is) why still there are lot of arranged-marriages* happening even when I see lot of lovers around.

I found the reason.

I will tell you a story! Once there lived a guy who loved a girl. He thought they loved each other a lot and cant exist in this world without being together. They informed their parents about this and that became a serious issue. And for some reason they broke-up. Years later, this guy happened to meet some other gal and fell in love with her. He loved her so much. But, he started to thinking of the embarrassment he will have to face if he tell this to his parents cuz they already knew about his first affair. And for that reason, he sacrificed his love!

This is not the case with everyone but I'm sure those who got over the first affair would definitely hesitate at the first hand to tell their parents about their second affair. And that can be, which i suppose, would be the reason for many arranged-marriages* in this hard-to-find-single world!

*doesn't mean Love & Arranged marriages.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

money is important.

I joined this company few months back. They gave me good offer compared to my previous pay. But my current company is not gonna give any hike for the next 2 years and that is for sure.

The technology I'm working on is rare. Only very few companies use it. Now, I got selected in another company where they offer me much more. I need to submit my resignation very soon. But I doubt if they would make this an issue. I suppose not but still I'm kinda skeptic about it.

My team here is power packed. Full of fun. When I said this to one of my friend, he asked me to stay back. But friends are just fun. Nothing more. I wanna invest into stocks and my friends are not gonna give me money. I wanna buy a BMW car at the age of 40 and again my friends are not gonna help me.

I love money more than my teammates :D

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

are all girls like this? part 5!

[ Pre-Script: So, here I'm, after long time, to write a post about gals. Are all girls like this? Part 5! ]

One of my friend got hospitalized recently. She had viral fever and doctor kept her under observation for more than a day. She dint happen to know this before hand and for that reason, she hadnt taken her dresses. I phoned her that day and she told me what happened. I got tensed at first when she said she got admitted in the hospital. Thank God, it wasnt serious. She told me that her dad brought some of her dresses from home.

Next day I called her up again. I was shocked to hear the reason she told me for not wearing the dress her dad brought from home.

'The 'top' and 'bottom' (of the dress) which he took doesnt match.'

I was like WHAT?! She was admitted in the hospital for treatment for viral fever. Not for fashion show. I dont know. Wont gals leave being fashionable at least when they are sick? Are all girls like this? :O :P

PS: I dint mean to hurt my friend or any other gal by this post. I just felt it interesting and I asked her permission before I wrote this here.

PPS: For those who missed the predecessors, here you go. Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

vodafone network spolied it all.

This is not the first time. This fuckin vodafone network in Coimbatore sucks. I need to dial the number at least 10 times to get it connected. This is the problem with texting also. I need to keep checking my outbox every now and then.

I need to resend the same msg at least 3-4 times. DAMN! Mobile shows full range but the moment I send a msg or dial someone, range goes down as if my stupid phone is taking revenge on me.

I'm fed of this shitty Vodafone network. I had to call my friend for something really serious and I was not able to reach her. I got so tensed. @#$%^&*... (Pls fill in as many bad words as you can.)

Happy Valentine's day BTW. I'm not celebrating it today for my Valentine(?) is kinda busy :| So, I will have it on Feb 15th. :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

to save some money.

Yesterday was my last day in my project. I may not see them often. They dint want me to forget them and they decided to gift me. My manager came to me and shook my hand. He handed me over the gift pack and asked me to open it.

I don't know how he came to know about my dream to buy a BMW 5 Series car at the age of 40. But I was thinking wats the connection between my wish and a 'Letter-Box' (the gift). But actually that was a Piggy Bank. khe khe khe... They must be knowing I'm a spendthrift and I shud really be saving money to achieve my goal. :D

And so, here it is.

PS: This is a one-time saving bank. Cuz once if it gets full, I will have to break it to take the money. The lock and key doesn't work :((

Friday, February 12, 2010

i laughed a lot today.

So, I got shifted to some other project and today was my last day there :| You know what? Changing locations from one place to another sucks. BIG TIME! :((

Company will shift you according to their wish to wherever they want. They might even kick you out without any sympathy. But the problem arises when you are planning to shift yourself to some other company. Managers come up with some stupid-theories and untrustworthy-promises to make you stay in the same company but with no hike or any such thing. Okay. Blaming company standards or practices is not the intention of this post :D

Today, as a part of Valentine's day, people in our bay conducted 'Love letter Writing competition'. khe khe khe...I thought it was easy and I took a pen, though I do not have much experience in 'writing' love letters. Literally. ;)

I never thought I would run out of words to write a love letter. I have written some blogs about love. But when somebody ask you to write a love letter, I'm sure, everyone would struggle a bit. Anyway, everything went good and I had a very nice time in the office.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

you are out of my life.

I dont know why you keep visiting my profile in Orkut. I'm trying to get over all those incidents happened in the past two years. I'm suffering for what I did to you.

Please, if you ever happen to read this, stop visiting my profile. I hate you. Are you not done hurting me?

Go, get married.

i'm so very careless.

I wrote and posted my 100th blog long back and I dint even notice that. I must be so careless. I'm happy anyway cuz I never thought I can be a blogger and there would be people to comment also ;)

When I started to write blogs, my first aim was to make some money out of the advertisements. I just wanted to write something. But once I started to writing, I realized its not about making money. This is a place where I can share my thoughts and my feelings :)

I still remember my friends commenting about my never-ending posts. I was all embarrassed to hear that. Then I happened to read some blogs where they write very less but give a strong impression to the reader. I also wanted to write small posts and for that matter, I dont want to make this post any longer :D

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

to improve prompt service.

I always have dinner from the same hotel, same table, same chair. The same boy used to come to me to take orders. Its kinda routine now. I always give him the same order everyday. Now he is used to it.

2 plain dosa, 1 set sambar-idli and pomegranate juice. ( tummy is a small one :D)

Even the juice-master will start preparing the juice once he sees me. They give me a warm welcome everyday. The boy used to bow his head as if I'm his king and he is ready to take orders. I used to doubt if his head hits the table. I used to have breakfast from the same hotel sometimes but I never get such a treatment from any other people working there.

I gave him Rs.10 tips one day and looked his face. He was smiling as if he got his highest tip ever. since that day, I give him Rs.10 as tip everyday.

I'm happy that he is happy cuz of me, at least one person in this world. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

i wish if you were with me...

I looked into her eyes.
I kissed her eyes.
I kissed her cheeks.
She kept smiling.
I kissed her lips.
I kissed her wherever I could.

And kept her photo back in my diary :D

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

genuinely insane self.

I was very much fond of playing cricket when I was young. I liked wicket-keeping though I was not a good keeper. To add strength to that statement, one day, the ball hit my nose. I was continuously sneezing for about half hour.

I got so tired sneezing and went home at last. I just stared into the mirror and was shocked by the irregularities. khe khe khe... I saw a bent-nose. OMG! It was not actually bent, but I pressed my nose to feel the bone and I felt a difference. I dint want my parents to find this out and desperately wanted to hide my bent-but-not-yet-bent-nose.

IDEA! I took a small hammer!

I wanted some place to support my nose so that I can pat on my nose and make it straight. I thought a lot and at last I laid my eyes on the teapoy. I went near it and placed my face on the teapoy so that my nose is the only part on it. I took the hammer. I swear, I would have been a fool then (even now I'm, to post it here and get embarrasses :D).

I shot two small pats on my nose and checked if it straightened. No! Okay. I held my breath and gave a strong-enough-to-break-my-nose-bone pat. OMG! I was startled to see the blood flowing thru my nose.

PS: Please dont try this at home. Khe khe khe... :D

my first encounter with a camera.

I do remember the first time I held a camera for I still carry a token which reminds me of that incident in this entire life.

I was studying in 6th standard then. My parents were decorating our new home. I was kinda busy deciding which would be my bedroom. One of my relative was busy clicking his camera. I was so happy to see a camera so close when he asked me to take care of the camera for a while. I decided to click my own photo and took the camera. I held camera so close facing me. Maybe around 10cms away from my eyes? I dont know.


OMG! I dont know how I managed not to panic. Me eyes were burning. The flash from the camera made me blind for about 15mins. I saw nothing around me other than a bright orange light. I got so tensed and I started to believe that I lost my eye sight. I dint tell anyone about the incident. I was begging God to return my vision and at last He did.

Maybe, for that brave-act, I still wear a specs?!

Monday, February 1, 2010

please dont leave me alone.

I felt like jumping off the building. My intention was not to blackmail you. I felt and so i said. My mistake. Words once said cant be taken back. But there are situations where I wait for some words to hear and when you dont say it.

Which hurts more?

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