Wednesday, March 31, 2010

happy birthday email...on April 1st.

It was not too tough for me to remember that email which I received 8 years back for it just had 'Happy Birthday to you on April 1st'. I was kind of shocked to read that email. I had just sent her a blank email on March 31st. She was actually my friend's girl friend ;)

I dont want to get into the story part of it. I just wanted to refresh my memories about her. She was once my very best friend. She got married and our friendship ended just like that. Our friendship would have turned 8 years old if she were with me now. Hmmm...

PS: This 'New Editor' sucks!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

i wont cry again.

I never happened to know the importance of creating a profile in matrimony website until I created one today. I never in my dreams thought I will create a profile. My parents wanted me to create one for their ease.

OK. This post is not about explaining my experience after creating the profile. I hope you are aware about my previous post of my best friend getting married. So it's almost done. I wish you all happiness in this world. My parents phoned today evening.

I talked to Mom then. I told her that my best friend is getting married. My mom went silent. She knew I loved her. She had no words to say. She asked me not to take it to heart. I wanted to shout out of pain. I started to developing a habit of taking deep breaths when I'm sad, tensed or angry. I controlled my maximum but I couldn't stop tears rolling down my cheeks. I dint make a sound. Hope Mom dint notice. I have to accept the facts, no matter how worse it is.

I promise, that was the last drop of tear to shed from my eyes. I wont cry again.

PS: March 28, 2010 has turned out to be a very important day in my life. BTW, March 29 is one of my friend's birthday. Wish you all success in life. Many many happy returns of the day!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

if i'm not wrong.

I received a text message from my friend. It was about the difference between 'Best Friends' and 'Lovers'. It said 'A true friend is always one step ahead than a lover'. Very true!

She was tryin to console me saying that I would never be alone even after her marriage. I dont think anything right nowadays. She missed a very important point. The message said a best friend is one step ahead than a lover. But many steps lower than that of a husband.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just to keep this day, March 18 2010, in my mind for it was a beautiful day. After waiting for more than a month, I got a gift from my best friend. I dint get kissed though (as the picture suggests). But it was as precious as a 'kiss'.

not friendship. not love.

We are the 'bestest' friends you can ever find on the planet. I fall in love with you every now and then. But then, when I fight for silly reasons, I think I can never love you the way I did before. Again, when its all over, I used to wonder if I can, ever, be angry on you.

Our relationship is beyond words. Like I said, you cant find the word 'bestest' in a dictionary.

PS: I...I don't know.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

waiting for 'capital punishment'.

Have you ever been happy and sad at the same time? Today I happened to experience it. The news almost took my breath away. This is just the beginning. All I fear is, if this is just the beginning, how worse would be the end?

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

yours forever, hopefully.

My bestest friend is gonna get married. I was just thinking how I'm gonna survive without talking to her. I have heard girls change after marriage. I hope it wont be the case with my friend. But sometimes I get so jealous over the one who is gonna marry her. I don't know. I don't want her to love someone else. I know its of no use saying. I know one day I will be out of her mind. She will start loving her husband. I dint mean to say that she will forget me, but eventually the 'love-factor' will degrade.

So, before she stops loving me, let me stop it. I wont call or message her after her marriage. Perhaps she will miss me. Let her. I'm gonna miss her too anyway.

I'm wondering how many people would be there in this world like me. But nobody can help it.

PS: I dint mean to say that people will lose their best friends after marriage. There are exceptional cases also. I just fear that I may lose her after her marriage. Its well and good if I dint. But what if i do lose her? It may take the breath out of me. I'm sure gals wouldn't need their best-friend after marriage like the way they needed him/her before marriage. This post maybe the biggest blunder I have ever written in my blog. I'm sorry. I just wanted to write this down somewhere.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

some company-policies suck.

Formal dress from Monday to Thursday. Business Casuals on Friday. This is the dress-code most of the companies follow. And so do my company also. Business Casuals doesn't include round-necks. I dint know that. In fact, I dint know the one I wore was a round-neck. As you may see in the picture, the t-shirt is not having a collar. But I 'thought' still it wasn't a round-neck :((

I got inside the company as usual. Company has hired security-personnel and they do intense scrutiny to check if the employees are following the dress-f*ckin-code. Securities are there everywhere, near the lift, near the staircase, near each and every door entrance. I crossed the main entrance and nobody stopped me. I wasn't lucky enough for long. The security on the 2nd floor caught me and he called another guy who was on the first floor. He also did a thorough check-up just like a bomb-squad does. Security-head asked me to go change the dress. F*CK!

I thought of 'half-a-kilometer walk in the hot sun' to go back to my room and change. I had to do it. They made me do it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

so, will that help?

One of my colleague is gonna get married. Today he came to me and asked for my help.

'I don't know how to talk to girls. And I need your advice. I know you are an expert.' He said.

I was shocked to hear that. But I dint show it. ;) khe khe khe... Ok. Jokes apart. He explained the situation. He phoned his girl few days back and his call was on waiting. He tried to call her 2-3 times. But still it was on waiting and she dint bother to cut it and call him back. He, obviously, got tensed. After sometime she called him but he refused to answer. She kept calling for sometime and finally he answered.

SPLASH! THAMAAAR!! BANG!!! *he shouts, she cries blah blah blah...*

So, this is a problem with guys mainly. They get possessive very soon. In fact, guys fall in love very soon. And for that reason, they get possessive. I guess girls do like it, thought they wont expect guys to shout at them. I told this to my friend. His facial expressions clearly said he dint understand a word! I made it simple.

'Next time when you see her number busy, just tell her that her voice is so cute and he don't want others to hear her sweet voice.' I said.

PS: I've a best friend. One day she will also get married. So what if her guy asks her not to talk to me saying the same dialogue, maybe after reading my blog :O I cant stand that. Now the question is, will I ask my girl not to talk to others??? :D

PPS: I'm wondering why the hell he said I'm an expert in talking to girls. Seriously! :O :D And sorry if you people think the title, picture and the blog-post are no way related to each other (on earth) :D

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hope this idea will work :D

Me: OK. Hi... My name is Anoop. I've been watching you since last...hmmm I dono. You know, you look beautiful and maybe that's the reason I got attracted to you. I don't wanna take risk loving you just cuz you are beautiful. On the other hand I don't wanna lose you also for maybe you are good at heart too. I hope you are not committed. I wont be in this company for long. My last date here is April 16. So don't fear that I would be following you all the time. I wont ask your mobile number also. You can just drop the idea if you feel I'm not lucky enough to be your friend. So, can we be friends?

Girl: Oh my God! Who are you?!

Me: Sorry, I dint mean to give a shock or make this conversation this lengthy. I dint rehearse this and this is my first time.

Girl: Hmmm... What's your....?

Me: Wow! Thanks! My ID is 2*4*4*!

PS: This is a complete fiction. I saw this girl in the cafeteria and I was just dreaming how it would be if I just give her a shock like that. :D Will she respond the way that girl did in my dream? :P

PPS: Thanks to MS Office Communicator. Employees across the company can chat each other using their employee ID.

Friday, March 5, 2010

this thing filters my sleep.

I hope you people can see the 'electric-plug' and an 'electric-switch' in the picture. That's the water filter fitted next to my room. For obvious reasons, I cant blame those who think that the 'switch' is for the water-filter. At first, I also felt the same.

But actually, that's for my calling-bell. So when people come to get water, press the switch thinking that the filter is switched off. There are people who come and carry water at night also. And now I can tell you how many new people take a room in my floor for that's the only water filter in my floor :| I even have a count of how many of them take water at night.

I wanted to make some marking on the switch to let people know the switch is for my calling-bell. Cuz sometimes it spoils my sleep too. I can afford taking my life, but not my sleep. Now, I'm used to it. I wait for sometime to hear the next bell. I want to make sure that there are people outside wanting to see me. :D

PS: I wanted to write this post long back. But everyday morning I will forget to take the picture but today I kept a reminder :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

choose wisely. live well :P

This is not 'Tele-Brands Advertisements' Okay! :D

I was having food in the cafeteria in the evening. One of my friend was saying his story of fighting with his girl-friend. Fight started with a 'photo'. This guy asked his girl to send her photo so that he can see her anytime. She refused.

'Why? I'm not gonna rape your photo!'. He said, proudly :P

Wow! What-a-dialog! Obviously no man on the planet can 'rape' a 'photo'. But the word 'rape' is the problem now. He just wanted to say something for the sake of saying something. But I guess that word is not there in her dictionary (should have checked it before buying it :D). She shouted at him and cut the call.

'Gals are dumb!' I exclaimed! But I knew what she said is also a point. Gals are sensitive to words. But its hard to guess which are those words.

Another friends who dint have a chance to speak yet came up. 'Choose words wisely. Once said, it cant be taken back.' He said.

I thought and thought and thought and said, 'So is a missed-call :P'. khe khe khe...


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