Friday, September 28, 2012

light of heaven and i'm so happy.

I never knew about the importance of giving credits to the photographers when we are using their photos on our blogs or websites until my sister told me about it. Since then I've been crediting photographers of every single picture I'm using on my blog. 

I used to wonder how that really matters - pictures are free anyway. At least those we find in SXC. And now, I stopped wondering. Guess what? Few days ago I received an email from one Mr. Kevin Petrie asking me permission if he can use my photo. I've no words to explain how happy I was. I replied saying he can use my photo and also asked if he can send me the link of the final work though I didn't expect it.

And here he comes with the link. Light of Heaven - I didn't get a chance to listen to the full song for its not free. Just heard the preview and its wonderful. And I took that picture - top left - the candlelight. It's the same picture for this blog.

I'm so happy that my photo was of some use to someone somewhere in this world. It's more like an inspiration for me to take more photos. I'm loving my camera. I started uploading my pics in SXC and even they have an approval process. I uploaded around 30 pictures and only 7 got approved. They give me a feeling that whichever photo gets approved are good.

You can download them and comment if you like it. The profile is here and my gallery is here.

PS: No photo credit for this blog for I'm the owner of this photo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

speak of the devil.

Its been so long since I met her. Not even a glance. I don't know why is she so busy these days - her status always shows red and I hate it. I tried to message her once. No reply. Argh! I don't understand why I keep embarrassing myself all the time. I should really stop thinking about her or keep looking for her.

The other day I thought I saw her. I saw her friends actually. She always goes with them and my heart always skips a beat when I see not just her but anyone in her group. It's really weird of my heart to pump adrenaline whenever I see any of them.

Speak of the devil and She shall appear - right in front of me.

I'm not sure if I've seen anyone else who looks so consistently beautiful - from any angle. Or in anything she does - you name it and she is just perfect.

Photo Credit: Cris Watk / Image / Website

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

flipkart. 1. 2. 3. and counting.

I'm not so sure about what's happening with Flipkart these days. Is it just for me or is it because of the items I purchase or God-knows-what?

Incident 1:
I purchased a book - A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane around a month ago. It was supposed to deliver within 7-8 business days and so it did. I was happy that I got the book because I'd been searching for that book for a long time. I opened the cover and I was shocked. I mean, literally. The book looked OLD even before I opened it. I thought that's how the book might be for I've seen new books which look old. I opened it and went through the pages. I felt the book and its pages are flexible than it really ought to be. I checked the back-cover and there it was - a writing. It wasn't visible. It was pencil-written-and-then-erased. It didn't fail to leave a mark though. It was a used-book and I didn't want to spend Rs.550 on a used book. I contacted Flipkart and they arranged for a reverse pick up.

Incident 2:
Another book again - Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. I wanted to buy that book because I loved the movie. Again, I had to wait for 5-6 business days. At the end of 6 business days, my order got cancelled. I was like- WTF. I contacted Flipkart again. They said the book is Out-of-stock and they will refund the money to my wallet within 7-10 business days. They made me wait all these days just to cancel my order. They could have done this before.

Incident 3:
Not a book this time. It was a camera bag. Again I spent 3k for this camera bag and as usual I had to wait for 7-8 business days. It was mentioned that the product will be shipped on so-and-so date and delivery date would be so-and-so. I waited all these days and the status was still 'Processing' even on the day it was supposed to be shipped. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and the status was still 'Processing'. I contacted them again. They said they will check the status and let me know within a business day and apologized for the delay. Okay, whatever. And today, the order got cancelled because the product is Out-of-stock and informed me that the money will be refunded to my wallet.

I'm not sure what these people are doing. But you are FLIPKART guys, for crying out loud. I've bought more than 75 items and have spent more than 50K and I'm really surprised to see something like this happening. Happening once is fine. This is the third time. Please keep your inventory updated or  ask your vendors to keep you posted. Checking the inventory once the order is placed isn't a good practice. I hope you guys are not falling behind on quality and services. I've been a strong supporter of Flipkart and will always be. Just, don't let things like this happen again.

Photo Credit: T Rolf / Image

Saturday, September 8, 2012

this isn't happening.

This was happening too frequently to be a coincidence. She’s there, again. 

She’s looking at me. She’s making me blush. I look at her. She's smiling - that ever-so-gorgeous smile. I want to sit closer to her. It stinks here. Let’s sit somewhere else, I say. No, he says. It doesn’t matter. I can see her. I’m sure she can see me too.

I can see her looking at me. Our eyes meet a hell lot of times. It’s making me embarrassed. I don’t regret. She’s so beautiful. Next time I should come alone. He always insists to come along with me. I can’t just ignore him. Of course I can. 

I know she likes me. And I like the fact that she likes me.

I haven’t said anything to him. I don’t want to. I look at him. I ask him something. He isn’t listening. What’s he…Oh wait. Why is he smiling? I didn’t ask anything even remotely funny. 

I’ll be back in a moment, I say. I get up and walk past him. I glance at her from the corner of my eye. Our eyes meet again. Not a hint of acquaintance. Yet, she was him.

It wasn’t a coincidence. He was always there! He was always there with me whenever she was around.

God, I want to die.

Photo Credit: Dipu Das / Image

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my first DSLR camera - Canon 550D

In fact, this is my very first camera.

Here is the Camera Bag

Front View - without the lens

Top View

Rear View

18-55mm Kit Lens & 50mm Prime Lens

The whole set

So, finally it looks like this

I'm just loving it.

PS: The pictures are not clear for they were taken at night.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wahi Anoop, Wahi Blog, Wahi Bharosa, Sirf Pehchaan Nayi! 
ab he!

I'm not Joking. Seriously. I've been thinking of changing my blog address since so long and I couldn't find anything catchy and memorable. I'm not saying the one which I've kept now is catchy or memorable but it's better than the other. My Life doesn't suck anymore. Why should I stick to that address then?

I'm not sure how many of you will be able to get this blog address through their blog-roll because the link might still be pointing to the old one. That sucks! And I wanted 'IAmSeriouslyJoking' but someone's already using it. Yet I hope you guys like this and can still remember 'IMSeriouslyJoking'.

I will leave my new blog address whenever I leave comments. Please don't mind.

Photo Credit: Chris Greene / Image
Caption Credit: Max Life Insurance

Sunday, September 2, 2012

and she never texted again.

 “He was the one I was telling you about the other day.” Sarika says pointing towards me. I was waiting near the counter to pay the bill.

 Prakriti wasn’t listening. She was busy with her phone.
 “…condom? That was him.” Sarika says.

 The word condom broke her reverie.

 “Condom? What condom?” Prakriti says

 “The guy I told you about – he is the one. See that tall thin guy walking out?” Sarika says pointing at me.
 I and Prakriti knew each other through Book Club – an arrangement which let the employees borrow books from other employees. Prakriti had taken a few days’ vacation last week and got delayed in returning my book.

 I had sent a reminder message on her mobile for she wasn’t available at office. She apologized. And that’s how it started. We had started texting each other a lot and I instantly liked her.

 Prakriti was remembering the conversation she had with Sarika a few weeks ago.
 “You know what? I saw one guy buying a condom from our supermarket. I just can’t believe he bought a condom, a condom with so many guys and girls around him. I appreciate his guts.” Sarika said.

 “Really? Who? Oh my god. A lot of things are happening around us.” Prakriti says, clearly surprised. “Some people have fun in a different way. Look around. This place is like a mega-hostel with no warden, no parents, no one at all to control them. This is the best place a ‘couple’ can ask for. Anyway, I want to see that guy.” She winked.

 “But condoms? In front of a lot of people?” Sarika said, disgusted.

 “Okay. I agree. Condom’s a bit too much. Don’t tell me you people haven’t had ‘urges’ when you meet him.” Prakriti teased Sarika.

 Few days before…

 “Thank god no one rang the bell.” He said. Sarika was lying next to him in her bedroom.

 “Bell? Thank god you had a condom with you and my roommate has gone home.” She said.

 “Oh Prakriti has gone home? And the condom, my friend, Akash, bought it for me.”

Photo Credit: Mattox / Image


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