Sunday, October 24, 2010

Timeline by Michael Crichton

Time Travel and Quantum Mechanics always interested me. I have once taken a seminar on the topic 'Time Travel' when I was in college. I wanted to read 'Timeline' more than any other book when my friend told me 'Timeline' is about time-travel.

The book is really interesting. Author gives a very good picture about 'Parallel Universes' and how time travel is possible and all that. The story is about a guy, a professor, who got 'stuck' in the past and some of his students are going back to 'retrieve' him. Story doesn't actually describe how he got stuck there, though its a fact.

Scientific terms come only in a very few pages in the book. Its all about how these students survived the incidents that happened in the past and successfully brought their professor back.

All along I was thinking, why ITC (the company which invented the technology which supports time-travel) was asking these students to go 600 years back to save their professor instead of going just 2 days back and ask the professor not to enter the machine or just stop him from time-travel?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

this is about a girl.

They both were from the same village somewhere in North India. They studied together. Same school, same class. So they were in college too. They were in love. But they never said that to each other. He was so madly in love with her. And one fine day, he proposed her. She felt she was on top of the world. She felt they were the only living beings on the planet.

Time went by. 7 years to be more precise. She got a job meanwhile. So did he. Luck was on their side. They worked in the same BPO company, though, unfortunately, different shifts. Still they were happy together. They stayed together. They were happily-unmarried-couples. Their intentions were pure. They wanted to get married more than anything.

Sex! That's the reason why some people like the concept of love and some people hate. Sex is an essential part of life. Its always good for a long-lasting-relationship. How about sex before marriage? Not all but few appreciate it. They belonged to those 'few'. We all know where sex-before-marriage leads. Of Course, Abortion!

He did not mean to cheat. And he never did. They were not in a position to get married at the time and raise a child. Their parents never knew about this. Though they knew about their affair and were fully supportive. They were happy again.

Until she met new-him.

Maybe the 'city culture' changed her, or her friends in BPO industry changed her, or maybe 'new-he' was so charming. As a matter of fact, he really was. 6 feet 2, heavily-built, sexy looks. Old-he never knew she was going out with him. Old-he was still under the impression that she still loved him. Until the day arrived.

New-he came to Old-he's house with her and hit him so badly with a hockey stick and warned him not to bother her. The sad part, which I felt, is the-ugly-fucking-whore was right in front of him when he was hitting him.

He was unconscious and his friends took him to the hospital. When he had enough strength to move his tongue, he asked for her. All he wanted to know is the reason why she left him. At least they loved each other for 7+ years.

PS: This is based on a real story.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I bought this book a year ago. And I found time only a few days back to read this book. Not that I was busy reading other books. I just got a bit lazy.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is about 'colored maids' working for Whites. I don't know which genre will this novel fall under. But I found the book really interesting. The English used by the main characters is kind of different. Author use 'a' for both 'of' and 'to'; 'they' for 'their'; 'gone' for 'gonna'. I had to read some texts a couple of times to get the actual meaning. When I finished around 100 - 125 pages, I found the story really touching. No wonder why the author took 5 years to complete this book.

I don't really find myself interested in reading non-thriller novels. One of my friend suggested to read the book. And I don't regret reading it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

good bangalore, bad bangalore

I've been living in Bangalore since past six months. And the only thing I hate is, obviously, the traffic conditions. I read one of the blog-post which commented about the traffic conditions in Mumbai, which made me think of writing this post.

My friends at office come from very far places compared to my office-location, near Leela Palace, Old Airport Road. One of my friends come Madiwala, which is around 6 kilometers away from my office. Another friend of mine comes from Hosur, which is in Tamil Nadu. Its definitely more that 50 kilometers away from my office. The funny thing about this is, its takes both of them one hour and half to reach home. I must say Madiwala route is extremely congested with buses, bikes and Auto-Rickshaws. It sucks.

The next thing which I hate about Bangalore is their Transportation. They have lot of "Air-Conditioned" buses. But they don't have enough buses to go to those places where people really want to go. I mean, you may get connection-buses, which means you got to get down in between and catch another bus. I had to catch 2 buses from my office to go to my place which was just 7 kilometers away. I loved Chennai for their transportation facility. You can get any buses to any place from any bus-stop.

Now, most importantly, the thing which I like in here is the "Beauty" of those girls out there. OH MY GOD! I have never been to places where I saw girls better than those I have seen here. I'm not ogling at them. I just admire their beauty. I feel I can just look at them and spend my entire life. Gosh! They are so beautiful. They wear only those dresses which suits them. OK. Let me stop talking about them. I don't want this post to be never-ending.

Friday, October 1, 2010

a stranger in the mirror.

I would say this is one of the worst novels I happened to read.

Its starts with something interesting - story of a boy named Toby Temple. Side-by-side, he also narrates about a wicked mother and her daughter who, we supposedly know, is the female-lead in the story. Author just keeps the story of this girl in suspense (like bits n' pieces here and there) for quite a while and that is what, I felt, which kept me going.

However, the sad part is, the story is so predictable. The Master of Unexpected turned out to be something which was so-very-expected. I hoped for something would eventually turn out which would make my predictions wrong. But noting of that sort happened.

Verdict - the book is damn boring!


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