Friday, July 31, 2009

mY wOrK @ oFfIs... ;)

m in the offis...i could see everyone workin aroud me.
Am i the only one sittin idle? everyone is buzy preparing some excel sheets, word documents, powerpoint presentation... Hmmm...
official life is full of presentations, documents, meetings... people actually don get time to work. in fact, nobody has got any work :P

i wanna show others tat m workin :| so i took this notepad n started writin.
My frnd asked me to write somethin useful n depends on who reads it n his interest on the topic. Topic which seems interestin mite not b useful.
n topic which would really be useful mite not b interesting. ;)

i got a fwd email now. about some fun in maths using some mobile number thingy. the (interesting?!?) puzzle which i received was not a question kinda..
i thot i ll post it...

1. take the first 6 digits of ur mobile number
2. multiply it by 80
3. add 1 to it
4. multiply by 250
5. add the rest 4 digits of ur number twice (ie. lets say 'Y' is the last 4 digits, add '2Y' to the result after step 4)
6. subtract 250
7. divide the number by 2
HURRAY! its your mobile number!!

i was so ecited about the calculations used. What on earth is the relation between numbers 250, 80 with our mobile number?
But i tried it with an example, not my mobile number though. :D

Lets say the number is X.
2. 80X
3. 80X + 1
4. (80X + 1) 250
5. (80X + 1) 250 + 2Y (assuming Y is the next 4 digit number
6. (20000X + 250 + 2Y - 250
--> in step 6 we are nullifyin the effect of step 4
7. Divided by 2 -> 10000X + Y

obviously gives the number which we had at the beginin. Ultimately, this is jus like

you have a number, add 2 to it, multiply by 4 is same as you multiply your original number by 4 and addin 8 to it.

So this can be the other way round :P
Take all 10 digits of your mobile number
Add 1 to it
Subtract 1 from it.
Hurray!! there's your mobile number again! khe khe khe...

BTW, this is Associative law in Algebra... :P
you can do a lot f calculatios f ur own to form different puzzles (if u can call this 'a puzzle')...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rEsErVaTiOnZzz SUCK!

i used to think wat wil i do to the public if i eva get a chance to get into polictics... Evry1 mite hav their own ideas...
i wud take off all the reservation thingy outa everywhr...

Reservation in Indian Law is a form of affirmative (fuckin) action for bla bla blaah....
u can find long long essays abt reservations if u search in google. there r reservations for Scheduled Caste, tribe, Muslims, Xians, OBC, Most backward community.. n among hindus, Brahmins has got reservations too... But what s the use???

there r reservations everywhr... colleges, Gove offices, civil services...i think they even hav this in IIT... khe khe khe...

we had a discussion abt this among our frnds... jus like tat we were talkin talkin n talkin. i thot i can write a blog outa it :|

In my point of view, Reservationz SUCK! i don care wat others think abt it.
Reservation is the biggest enemy of Meritocracy. We are offerin ppl a very liberal entry criteria. People shud b given chance based on their intelligence n not cuz f their fuckin caste or religion. 'Religion' n 'Caste' columns in application forms shud be taken off first. y they wanna know abt al those?
it is a form of discrimination which is insanely contrary to right to equality!
Scheduled Caste and tribes, Other Backward Community (OBC) etc etc.... ther r lots.. let them struggle. Seats shud be made available to public based on competitive merit...we are not here to bring these communities down. let them study well n let them be competitive.

one of my frnd lost a seat in one colg due to this fuckin reservation. His fate!
But u know what tat fuckin SC/ST guy did? he was such an idiot, Good for nothin fool. He was such a dumb fellow. He did nothin useful to the colg n he discontinued in between. My frnd, missed his seat n missed his 1 yr cuz f this fuck. i would hav been happy if tat SC/ST guy did study well but he wasted one valuable seat.

whats the difference between forward caste ppl n backward caste ppl??? is it jus the name, forward n backward??? every1z human being. every1 wanna live their life. is it fair to divide ourselves on the basis of our castes? y not reserve ppl based on their academic performance?? y not doin tat??

there r ppl everywhr to fight for their their reservations shamelessly... But its the public who gotta react...
Let their intelligence speak....

i can tell you, ther wont b any1 on earth who supports Reservation except thos who enjoy havin the privillage f bein reserved!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mY DiArY...

Hmmmm...i really got tonnes to write when it comes to my diary... :)
but one of my frnds asked me to cut my posts short :((

i started writin diary when i was in 9th standard (12 diaries till date - only 10 in the pic; i took tat pic 2yrs back :P) i used to write in a binded-notebook then, which my mom gave.. i write the date on top of every page n i used to write essays... hehehe...

i got inspired from my elder sister. But she used to write only on some days...not everyday. There are many ppl who writes diary. i like every1 of them. its an art.. what to write, when to write and how to write...

The very first time when i wrote my diary, i used to write abt i brushed my teeth at this time, i took bath, i went to school, i saw this gal, i talked to that goodness... SOOO VERY CHILDISH!

after a few days of writin, my dad bought me a diary n i stared writin in that. It was fun at the beginin...but over the course of time i wanted to hide it somewhere cuz i used to write all my secrets too...which would create an earthquake if known outside... hehehe.. not that military secrets, but u can think what a 9th std boy's secrets could be... ;) the very safe place i thought was under my bed until i found my mom cleanin the sheets... my heartbeat rate doubled. :|
then i found a lo many places to hide my diary that no one could ever think of... ;)
i used to sign under every page then. i can stil remember all the signs i put since 9th std. Yes, obviously i stopped signin on the page now.

When every year passes, i used to hav a look at my old diary. its nice... very nice. Ann Frank used to come to my mind nowadays. Yes, some day in future, 100 years from now, Kids mite be learnin my diary as their text book... khe khe khe... Their question papers will have questions from my diary, What happened on August 10? etc etc... hehe yea its my bday ;)
Who knows? There are chances for that too.

i can tell you, there is no one in this world who don love lookin at themselves in the mirror. your Diary is the mirror f ur life. You can always enjoy readin it. when i take my old diaries n hav a look at them, its my life, the way i used to take things, the way i used to face problems....n the way i used to handle it...

i used to write essays, i used to write abt everythin happened on tat day... then it changed to a few lines, most important things happened on tat day. Our language improves. its your choice in what language they wanna write.
i know one of my frnd used to write in code-words... the biggest problem then is u gotta keep tat in mind. He still has tat diary- jus a book with some craps. he himself cant read it. :|
So be careful. Don use code words. it will jus spoil a chance to smile in future. Many people say writin diary is not a good thing but i tell you, it is really good unles until any1 finds it. :|
You gotta be prepared. Say, once you get married, will u show ur diary to ur spouse????? NEVA... i wont. She will kick me out. ;)

There are some tips to remember when you choose a (personal)diary to write :D

1. Size of your diary (Not too big, not too small)
2. Pages of your diary
....a. Not too smooth - Some pens don write properly on smooth pages
....b. Color - Snow-white is hardly reccomened.
....c. Dedicated page for each day (some diaries merge pages of Saturday n Sunday)
....d. Dedicated monthly planner - to keep track of birthdays f frnds
3. Be Careful
....a. About what you write - DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHIN!*
....b. about how you write
....c. Don use code words
4. Dedicated PEN! :)
5. Place to HIDE!
6. Name your diary (if you want)

*It can create problems in future, trust me. So i again tell you, DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHIN!

You will surely get more points-to-remember once u start writin... this is jus an overview... All it takes is experience.
what i'm plannin is to safe-guard my diaries in a bank-locker! tat isnt a bad idea. You can give a try.
i write diary everyday. it is not necessary. its your choice. i cant stop it now cuz it has become one f my dialy routine. Past 10 years... hmmm...
So guys, You too start writin diary... But b4 tat find a place to hide it. Or you will struggle.. :P

You can always hav a close look at your good old days... The fun u had...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

aBoUt BPM COE - a bLeSsInG iN dIsGuIsE...

BPM COE - Business Process Management - Center of Excellence
This is not a techie kinda post n m not here to talk abt Business Process Management. i hardly know abt it.. :P
so the answer for y such a post lies in the 'Heading' itself...
One of my frnd in offis, Kashifa, told me to write abt BPM CoE members... not all of them, but abt my frnds. i dint take it seriously at first, but its worth. :D
i hav a reason (which is valid for me) to hav this topic in my blog :D...

So let me start.... About BPM COE!

i got many frnds out there. but there are some of them which i know lil bit betta than others. mite b cuz i talk to them often or i see them often... many reasons, as many as u can think of... :)

Very first memeber of BPM COE i wud like to talk abt is ME! :D Anoop.
Don worry... i m not gonna write an essay abt myself. In stead i can direct u to my 'aBoUt mE tHiNgY...' post in my blog. my very first post. :)

The moment i say the name, it's her smile (or laugh? :O) that comes to my mind. tats her identity. think how Vodafone ZooZoo laughs?? Khe khe khe khee.... yea...somethin like tat... she does the same. She can laugh for hours n hours together. she is very beautiful* and you can neva find such a gal in our offis... at least in BPM COE. She wears 'Pardha' ( i dono for sure if thats the name/spelling). i dono how she survives in Chennai wearin tat. its way too hot out there in Chennai. Hmmm...
She is really helpful and a real nice gal! :P
You know, once she went for some treat with our offis mates n she dint call me. Next day she brought me a chocolate. i jus made use f the situation to make fun. i acted angry and said i don want her chocolate. She left that in my place and went. i took it n kept inside my bag when she came after a while.
Chocolate is gone! She asked me where it is. i dint show any sign of response. i dint wanna laugh lookin at her face. She left my place sayin nothin.
i had some work to do and i dint give much importance to that. In fact i dint even think she wud take it seriously...
i saw 2-3 ppl at her place. Okay. They had lotsa work then.Very very important Project! (Kashifa, u know wat i mean??? :P)
i jus walked past her n i jus turned back to see her weepin....
i got tensed.... OMG! Kashifa is cryin cuz f me????? i asked her what happened??

Without any sign of hesitation, she said she s cryin CUZ F ME! :O
jus cuz i dint get the chocolates from her. Hmmmm... it took sometime for her frnds to cheer her up. everythin was ok after tat. :)
She is such a nice gal! n she can be a really good frnd... :)
Kashifa, Don go toooooo high readin this... khe khe khe....
Readers, her dad is a police officer. n i recently heard that her Chitthappa (Father's Bro) is in Central Crime Branch! WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTT????????????
She is a very nice gal to be with... :) i really mean it refering the above statement!
Guys, DON MESS UP WITH HER! At least take an insurance b4 u really do. :D

Santhamurthy n Vijay!
Santha is my Project Manager and Vijay is my colleague. 2 jovial guys you can think of. Santha is one of the best PMs you could think of, in my company. :)
Not to flatter you Santha.
Santha is a very jolly guy. We are not like PM and a develper workin under him. We are like frnds. Santha Vijay and Me! Santha is a typical family guy! No tension nothin... :) He is both enjoyin his family life and official life. He used to help me in Share-trading. He used to give me lotsa information abt many companies. he taught me abt Short-sell and Options trading. having this information, i started helpin my other frnds. They think 'Oh...Anoop is Gr8 in trading... khe khe khe... but the truth is its all cuz of Santha :)
Vijay is another Jolly guy. he used to say lotsa jokes. and we ppl used to laugh our ass off... hehehe... Vijay, got many connections, we cant c any1 in the offis who doesn know him. He started a new project. and QA UAT is over. its yet to got to Pre-Production and Production. :P

She s from Trissur! She is a good lady to spend time with! i dono. she gives me many advices when it comes to my frnds. She used to see me tensed over phone n she gives me lot f adice. But i cant help it. M like this. She is also a PM. recently i came to know tat. we wont feel tat we r talkin to a 'PM' when we talk to her. she is outspoken i guess.
i hav seen her cryin n smilin at the same time. She always say abt her kids, Abhi n Akhila. She showed their fotos also. Akhila is lookin exactly like Anjana. n abhi is lookin like her Hubby. He should be a real nice guy! n i got lotsa reasons to back it up, when i say tat. :)
Anjana doesn know much f cookin.. n everythin is done by her hubby. Hats off to him! he shud be real a patient :D Sorry Anjana. Hope u wont mind. :)

He is one f my project mates. he is famous for his silence. He talks well among his frnds but when it comes to a higher personality or some1 like tat, he keeps mum. tat, i wud say, is his only problem. He also does this trading thing n silently makes money... hehehe....

Rajesh, Ananth and Aditya
Hmmmm... got nothin much to tell abt them...Adi is always concentratin in his studies. He will always be with his ear-phones. Ananth is a very good frnd of mine. He was my Team Lead n now he went to another project. We used to go home together in his bike. He is very busy nowadays in his project. We still keep in touch. He s busy plannin to buy a home in chennai. i think he is done with it. :) i used to borrow money from him at time. i don think i owe him money now :D
Rajesh; hmmmmmmm... orkutin most f the time. Hmmm... i can understand. He used to come online at 2 at nite. Hmm... n don ask me how i know tat. I will also be online then.. khe khe khee... He used to download movies n give it to me. It is somethin like a network. we used to exchange movies. He asks me expert advice abt the movies. I gave him twice, then he stopped. khe khe khe... he had enough. :D

Saket, Shyam, Terror Sevvalai, Ramanathan, Santhosh, Sharanya, Nivedhitha, Meena, Swathika, Ramas, Sindhu, Suresh, Suganya, Soumya, Rajesh, Ashok etc etc etc...these are my frnds in BPM COE family.

Saket seems to b a studious guy. he will be workin most of the time. i used to give him some work too.. :D Sorry Saket. :)

Ramanathan - i dono much abt him. He is Mokkai King! OMG! Tamil nadu Govt provides Holidays for offices for 'Pongal" (its a festival kinda in TN, unfortunately its the name of a food item too). His point is, y is TN Govt givin holidays only for Pongal? He wanna take off for 'Dosai' Idli, White Rice etc etc... OMG!

Santhosh - another studious guy! Harry Potter Fan! preparing for CAT, MOUSE, GATE, DOOR, WINDOW etc etc... khe khe khe...

Sharanya - She is the one n only mallu gal in my team ;) i used to ask her movies but neva got a reply hehehe... i once borrowed reader's digest 3 months. Not returned YET! Sorry :D i think i lost it :|

i don hav time to explain abt all those ppl in the list... so every1 in BPM COE is nice! i think so...
At least they r nice to me :D

Guyssss.... m writin al this not to give u the pleasure of readin somethin nice abt u... khe khe khe... keep readin my blog...n increase the traffic. only then i can b popular (m an introvert though. But the point is 'earning money doesn sour!)... n can earn money. No one is readin my blog :(( :P
at least my frnds can read it na???? khe khe lkhe... this is wat i meant by sayin 'bLeSsInG iN dIsGuIsE'....u ll read this anyway cuz every1 loves readn abt themselves...

Howz my IDEA?????(sorry if its a very BIG blog)

lOnGeSt 5 mInUtEs oF mY LiFe...

everyone has got their own ability to their own style. i hav seen a lot many ppl who write.
There is only one thing they can write of their own! Genuinely-Their-OWN! tat wud be their own story...
here...i wanna say abt one of ma happiest moments in life.... :)

August 17 2006 - somewhere around 8 PM.

i was in the temple for some function happenin there. My intention was not to be there to attend the function. Tat was my last chance to talk to her, to tell her what i really wanted to tell her.

My frnds called me to go to another temple nearby. i dint wanna go. i told them i don want to. One of them already knew i loved her. i had told him tat i wanted to tell her that i love her. He dint compel me much to come to the temple.
i could see her runnin here n there... she was so active. she was smart. she was beautiful. i could still remember her eyes... i dint even know what she thought abt me.
Most of my frnds left me. i was alone. i could feel the heartbeat. i was so tensed. i heard she had an affair already. i was prayin to GOD al the time...

i washed my face at least 10 times in 30 mins. i dint wanna be nervous. i tried all the ways i could for not to look nervous. when i went to wash my face next time, i saw her holdin near the tap.

'Priya'*, i called her.
* Name changed on request :D

she turned back. "Hey Crow, tell me...'
( Crow - tat was (is) my nick name - my frnds call me - no one even knows whoz Anoop. But everyone knows whoz Kakka, the crow)
Me: i want to tell u somethin
Priya: Hmmm...what?
Me: I know what i'm doin is a mistake. Loving my frnd's sister is not a good thing. but i cant help it. I love u, Priya.
Priya: *laughs* i would say u r MAD! See, this is not gonna happen. You don even know me. You cant even identify me...

Forgot to tell you, they r twins :D (Priya* and Priyanka*) Tats another story... khe khe khe... but l8r...
Name changed!

It was not considered as a good act to love frnd's sister. It is not fair also. But frnd's sister is not MY sister. so i cant be blamed for loving her. What is the problem if she loves me too?? - i was soo tensed and all kind f stupid questions were exploding in my mind from all angles... i knew, it was neva gonna happen... but my love for her was domination than any other thought. i wanted to tell her my love. tat was my only intention, no matter what her reaction wud be.
Me and her bro were in good terms. Not very good though. even then i believed i could convince her parents.

Priya: There is nothin to think abt it. My answer is a BIG NO!
Me: Hmmm... ok. But please think abt it.

I was too happy that i told her what i wanted to tell her. But i was tensed too on the other side, cuz What if she tells her bro tat i proposed her??????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!
Blood started pumping into my head n i could feel the 'Push'

Next day i left to Mookambika Temple. i had no concentration on anythin. i was always thinkin abt wat she wud be thinkin of...
i returned after 2 days. i saw her in the temple n i was hardly lookin at her. i was so tensed n panickin when she was around.
Priya: You need the reply, Right?
Me: Hmmm...
Priya: Please. As you know this is gonna create lot of problems. Am you frnd's sister. Public wont need any other reason.
Me: i don care. all i need to know is whether you love me or not.
Priya: No, i don love u.

On the same day, i saw her again in front of her house. Oops...forgot to tell you, She stays just opposite to my home :D

She was abt to tell me what it was when her Mom came. We went silent for sometime. she asked me if her bro is having my contact number.

Next day i was expectin her call... i was so damn sure that she would call me. n at last she called. i was so happy to know tat it was her cuz when i asked who was online, she said its my Grand Mother. khe khe khe...
As usual, she started advicin me. all i said is I DON CARE What others think. Why shud i even think of wat others think.
I don actually remember what exactly we talked. All i knew is, i was sooo excited and she had a soft-corner for me.
we talked for sometime and then cut the call. She dint accept my love but i knew she loved least she started to. :D
we started talkin since then... not for a long time. but not even once she accepted tat she loved me.

September 1 2006 - Some time in the afternoon

It was Onam time - Famous Festival in Kerala. n there were competitions conducted during that time. She had gone for some competition when i called her mobile.
Me: Hi... Where are you? its so noisy out there
Priya: Yea, i m in an auditorium. got a function to attend.
Me: Oh... Ok.
Priya: Hmmm....
Me: So whats ur reply????
Priya: reply for what??????
Me: Oh...u dono? Ok then.... See we hav been talkin since some time...n i dint get a reply yet. I need a reply. If u r not willin, i wont call you again.
Priya: hey please...Why r u sayin all this?
Me: Then what?? How much time shud i keep askin u this???
Priya: me after 5 mins. You will get to know my reply.
Me: What after 5 mins?
Priya: You will get to know. Hey i gotta go.
Me: Hmmm... Ok.

5 MINUTES! OMG! The longest 5 minutes in my life.... every 1 sec seemed to be a minute. time ticked way tooooooo slow. My mom was sittin next to me and she asked what happend to me... :)
i jus smiled at her. i dint have the guts to tell my mom that i m waitin for the reply from the gal i proposed... hehehe....

1 Missed Call!
i literally jumped from my seat when i heard it. i went inside my room n i called her.

Tu Hii Re....Tuu Hiii Ree...Tere Bina Mein Kaise Jiyuun...
OMG!!!!!!!!!! i was sooooooo very happy to hear that.... it was her Hello Tone. I have no words to explain how i felt then.


i was soooo happy then....i thanked my frnd (who let me stay there when every1 else went to another temple - as said above, somewhere, i dono :P)
i felt like i was the luckiest n happiest human being on earth. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Its really a gr8 feelin to love n to be loved. now i realize the value... of the song, of her presence, of the sound of her voice...

i wanna tell u more...but tat is not relevant to the heading...
So i'm stoppin here... :((

But never fall in love even though its a gr8 feelin... it can take ur soul away from uu... :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

PiEcE oF pApEr tOoK aWay tHe pEaCe....

How do you think ‘a piece of paper’ can affect your life?

It can take your life sky-high… and at the same time it can ruin your life like hell.

If my so-called ‘paper’ is to be believed, I would die at the age of 28. I’m sure there should be some trick behind it. It says, I would come across a very severe accident at the age of 28 and if I’m lucky enough to survive that, I would live for long - till 79yrs.

It again says I would again come across this accident thingy at the age of 34 OR 38 OR 56 OR… WTF IS THIS?

If the guy who writes this fucking shit knows what’s gonna happen. why doesn’t he just write the exact age or whatever? He himself doesn’t know the fucking whatz gonna happen, then how will he write it? If this ‘paper’ is supposed to be more of ‘OR’ conditions, then I can write it too.

‘The person who read this would get married and would give birth to one OR two OR three kids. (See, i won’t specify the freakin gender,so it can b true in one way or the other). 1st of all, we would not understand what is written cuz it not in English or Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil… its Sanskrit! Next, the handwriting would be utter worse. The only thing that can be read would be about Marriage, Employment and about death. Is this what life is really all about?

It’s all CRAP. I don’t believe there are people who believe this. What if the person is not getting married (in the above situation)? So what is written went wrong. So there are chances for ‘what-the-fucking-paper’ says to go wrong.

It is OUR life.

Horoscope sux big time…of your life. Its killing me…

I don believe this shit, but the gal I loved does. It’s written that the person she marries would die in a year. WoW! I dint know she was a dead-believer of this horoscope! Hehehe… that piece-of-paper took all the peace I eva had…

Lesson learned:

Every time God teaches us a lesson, no matter what.

The only thing I would ask the person I (would) love (if any, by chance) would be this. Do you believe what it’s written on the ‘piece-of-paper’? :D

There are 6,706,993,152 human beings in this world and only 1,147,995,904 in India... y only Indians believe this???? wat happened to othesrs??? are they not livin happily...?

Khe khe khe…

But I tell u, hOrOsCoPe is LAME!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i always run outa topics...
i was thinkin abt my next post. BTW i fought with my frnd...n luckily i got a topic.


In simple words it can mean 'limit'.
How eccentric people can go when they cross their threshold? Sometimes they can go funny, sometimes they can go so tensed(like me :D), sometimes we wont even understand wats happenin..

i fought with my frnd for some reason and i was so tensed. But now i understan wat actually my problem was and who did the mistake.

There are two kindsa people in this world. One set of people who can control their emotions in front of others and the other set who cant, who got no control over their emotions! i fall in the latter category.
Why people get tensed?
It can be of many reasons. It totally depends on his/her personality and the situation n circumstances they come across.
Reasons could be:
1. Work load
2. Financial Crisis
3. Fights with friends
.....a. Not giving missed calls
.....b. Talkin to other frnds for a long time on phone
.....c. Calling other frnds their nick names
.....d. Not replyin properly for the msgs we sent
.....e. Not keepin me posted on the updates (of what? :O)
4. Feeling hungry
5. Family problems
6. Wife chatting with her Male-colleagues
7. and many more...

i suffer from all the problems listed above except the 6th one cuz m not married. :P
So lets take one-by-one.
Workload: tats office work. You got lotsa work cuz u dint finish ur work on time. You r a lazy fool. :P After all its jus office work. Leave it in the office itself. it is not advisable to take it whereva u go.

Financial Crisis: is a serious problem. What i wud suggest you is to take a personal loan and elope! i say this cuz i gave a thot abt it :D i always run outa money. Bank balance will be in 2 or 3 digits by month-end :((

Fights with Friends: this is the most serious one. i can really go mad if any one of the things (mentioned above) happens. Why shud we go mad?

(From now, when I say 'I', it means YOU PEOPLE; when i say 'he/she/him/her', it means YOUR FRNDS)

These problems can be cuz i expect a lot from my frnd which i kno she cant give. My expectations (sometimes possessiveness) can disturb her. (I ll neva be possessive of a male-frnd of mine :P) I remember, once my frnd said, Possessiveness can be a burden and its 100% true.
Most ov'em (not all for sure) think possessiveness is a nice thing. Yes, it is really nice at the very early stages of a whateva relationship. But it can hurt. It can both begin n end a relationship. But one of them should think what the other guy/gal is thinkin. Why is he/she fightin for such a silly reason (not givin mis cal could be one)? the word is 'Possessiveness'.

It is a situation where we love and hate the person to the core at the same time!
This mostly ends in fight but if you try to understand the situation, you can come outa the problems. See, im fightin cuz i dint like wat she did. There are people who can leave it easily and don even care abt it but not everyone. the anger which i show towards her is the love and affection i hav for her but showin it in a different way. i cant help bein like this, though.

People generally have a tendency to find the negative points outa situation when they are tensed. i say it cuz i do it. Try to avoid it. Dont dig the past and find what they did 2 weeks back or somethin like tat. This would again add fuel to the fire!

People can hurt u to the core when they are tensed/angry using words/actions. But understand tat they say so jus cuz they r tensed. We knew them since very long. Dont judge them by the way they behave or by what they say when they are tensed. That mite last only for a minute/hour/day/week/or-any-time-frame-u-can-think-of. they will do regret for what they said, for sure, but GOD will take care of it.

Respect their privacy. Give them their personal space. Avoid using foul language (F_CK, B_TCH etc). No girls like it. Serioulsy, everyone can be very nice until you prick them in the wound :P. So be careful! Be ready to accept the facts! Sometimes they can leave u jus like tat, as simple as tat.

Dont be an Emotional Balckmailer. That could be the cheapest thing you could do in your life, takin advantage of their love for u.

Feeling wat?? Hungry?? Is tat a problem?? Strange!

Family Problems: If you have any family problems, take care of it by urself. i'm not here to take care of ur problems. i don even have time to take care of mine. :P

Wife Chattin with her Male-colleague: This can be a very nic situation if you are chattin with somebody's wife...khe khe khe...But if YOUR wife is chattin with some1, kick her A_SE! ;)

These are my experience (ofcos not the wife-chattin thing). i dono if you guys have come across situations like this b4 but i hope u did for u r human beings too...

Sorry if bored you. I MEANT IT! :P:P

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good is really BAD...

havin best frnds is a gr8 feelin...
its always gr8 to love n be loved.. but hav u eva thot lil deep inside??

i had a best frnd lonnnngggggg backkk... say 6 years ago... its a bigg story.. i ll say it in short :P
this happened when i was studyin in +2
one of my frnd came to my home n we were talkin. suddenly i noticed somethin written in his was an email id. i asked him whose mail id it was? he said nothin..
i asked him again n again. its was his classmate's. i noticed it cuz it was a girl's email id. ;)
not tat m bad in any ways. i said i wud mail 'her', he challenged me. hmmmmmmmmmmm...
i really did mail her. i dint expect any reply. but on April 1st, i got an email from her wishin me happy b'day!
i was kinda happy for her havin replied to my email.
i jus said sorry if i disturbed her in any way. i really dint mean to hurt her. from then we started mailin... it was like an online frnd. i neva saw her. n time passed by.... we bcame best frnds...

we used to talk... talk n talk... i used to help her n she did too... it was like..u know...
i was soo happy for her..cuz she was soo nice...
we dint hav any contacts for personal reasons for a long time... really long time. n by tat time, her life changed a lot... she loved a guy n it bcame a very big issue at home...

but she neva told me then. i felt happy for her when i came to know abt the story.
they were plannin to get married! i was happy in one side but sooo sad at the other for missin her. She was not mine anymo... i knew this long back! but we neva had patience to understan n take actions. we jus needed frndship but we neva wanted to be best jus happened.
i dint wanna miss her frndship.
Feb 14, she got married n she did call me. i felt so sad. i was not able to talk to her. i bursted into tears... i havent cried when my sister was leavin after marriage. i was kinda happy then...hehehe...
but this one...i cant even think how i cried tat day... she told me she wud call me n we ll b good frnds... even after marriage.

tat was pretty nice to hear then.i thot she wud neva leave me. n i dreamt f a healthy frndship with her...but tat was not the case. She changed a lot. she neva called me since then.
i tried to contact her. she changed her mobile number. i tried to contact her thru my other frnds.. she always changed her number when any f her frnds contacted her.
we lost contact just like tat.

They are very good at dialogs! i wont say not to believe any1...there are gals who keep in touch with their old frnds after marriage, but not all.
They jus need their husband n their kids. they don even hav time for their parents sometimes.
b4 marriage they used to say all the dialogs tat we ll b frnds, we ll be that, we ll be this..etc etc etc... its all crap!

But guys keep thinkin f his frnd...n waste time...idiots..

here are some proposed solutios for the problem... ;)

NEVA EVA HAVE A BEST FRND - tat is one option to choose.

NEVA EVA HAVE A BEST FRND - tat is another option...khe khe different from the above, but in this case, you shud be prepared. always keep distance. always accept the fact tat you gonna miss her one day.

HAVE MANY BEST FRNDS - tats the recommended choice! i wud suggest tat, but there lies another problem. Say if one f ur best frnd is soooooo possessive tat she wont let u hav other best frnds, then again there is a u gotta manage tat.

MARRY YOUR BEST FRND - tats another good choice if both f u are ok... khe khe khe..tats the most important part. some of them wont agree with tat, so be careful! ;) there can be religion caste problem n all... but its upto u guys. This doesn mean tat u gotta choose a frnd f the same caste religion n all... this is jus an option if u wanna be frnds life long. I have read in paper once Hrithik Roshan said he n his wife were best frnds b4 marriage n those who get to marry their best frnds, their life is heaven! i dono... if u got any doubts, ask Hrithik! :P

MARRY YOUR LOVE - this is nothin but love. So you are not best frnds here but lovers. This is no way related to love! so those who fall in tat category, pls get lost....khe khe khe... its upto u.

MARRY OTHER BEST FRNDS - This is the funny part. Say Boy1 n Girl1 r best frnds n they don wanna get their frndship broken n they don wanna mary each other too... in tat case, u got an option. find another set of best frnds, Say Boy2 and Girl2 who r best frnds too n they don wanna get their frndship broken. So Boy1 can marry Girl2 and Boy2 can marry Girl1. Nice Swap na????
Plss...don kill me... this was jus an idea... i dono if any1 can implement it...

hope this mite help... hehehe...

So guys n gals!
Think b4 u take a decision. its a matter of life... a life time.... u can live life only once :(

Good is only good for the time being...its gonna hurt u like hell in the end...
somethin which hurts is bad... n so is 'Good'...

Good is BAD in real!


i could see some childrenn playin shuttle..when i look outside the window...
... enjoyin life... tensed abt nothin...they r not aware f the problems waitin for them in life...
they gotta join skool...they hav to study, their homeworks, annual exams.. when they finish skool, they gotta join colg, they need to pay the fees, when they finish colg, they gotta start lookin for job n once they start workin, they need to finsih their work on time... n they at last wanna get married so that they wud get a company to share their problems... but at last the 'company' they got itself will become the biggest problem. they ll give birth to kids...n then the above problems ll be their kid's...khe khe khe....
this is like a cycle... cycle of life... this is life... but can we change it??
we are actually spoilin our lives... workin.. i dono.. its kinda trend nowadays...people who study well or who r good at studies or wateva, they got nothin in life... they always had an average life...
if u look at those ppl who were enjoyin life from the beginin.. say bunkin classes, watchin movies, spendin a lot f money etc etc etc... those u dint score good marks in colg, skool or wateva... they lead a very good life...
every1 says we gotta study well... but i say we don need to study at all...
i will not allow my children (yea, in future) to be studious n kinda... u see.
i will jus let them play some games...somethin like shuttle, tennis or somethin...
21st century is the time or reality shows, roadies kinda programs... so we jus gotto give them a push... media ll take care f the rest, bringin in some reality shows...khe khe khee....
learnin is good... but its bad when it comes to life... tats a bare truth.. i hav heard tat sachin is the richest cricketer... but he was not good at studies...
even the great scientist Albert Einstein...
life is all about money... makin money spendin money...
for tat u need money... if u jus study n go for a good job, u ll get money for ur livin... not a luxury livin... for tat u need to b a sportsman... a celebrity...
or u shud take the risk to invest which can make u rich over-night :|
we are wasting our life, studyin n earnin good marks.. :|
seriosuly. i mean it...
at least its true when it comes to me... tat doesn mean tat i used to study well.. :D
but i was kinda good at studies... but i earned nothin in life.except a few debts n lot f problems. but when i look at my frnds, they hav no problems (at least in my eyes) they r literally enjoyin.. every1 of them...
so u mite be thinkin now, wat was the purpose f this post.. hehehe...
wat i mean to say is... Please Please Please... DONT STUDY! n DONT LET OTHERS STUDY TOO!

the twins...

it was one fine day mornin...when i reached home from colg after a long journey....

Saturday, July 18, 2009



it is why ppl r still alive... desire to live!

my frnds r talkin... they r disturbin me...! m not able to think... i really dono wat to write.
i m stil in this blog thinkin i can think f somethin.. :D
desire to write!

My frnd was askin me abt Nifty Call n Put. Options Trading.
what the hell is tat?
i dono...i jus know tat 'Call' value goes up when nifty graph is goin up.
'Put' value goes up when the nifty graph is goin down.
Pure gambling....

still people r optin tradin cuz f the desire to make money... Desire - drivin force f life....
i always wanted to make money, i wanted to live a luxury life. yes, even now.

sTorY oF a tHiEf....

i was goin thru the pages f ma diary...

February 20 2002

it was my frnd's bday... she was one of ma best frnd... nt one f ma best...she was my only best frnd...when i was in school(+2)...i wanted to gift her somethin...
she jus wanted me to the badminton tournament which was gonna happen after 2or3 days...

i had a racquet with me but i had to tie the guts tight! i took my racquet to a nearby sports shop.
Silvia Sports Centre! tat was the name. i used to go there most of the time. they knew me very well n they gimme spl discounts...n to be frank we were in very good terms...

the shop was a pretty much big shop... n there were only 2 of the workers there...i don remember their names.
i had Yonex CarbonEx 9000 racquet with me with the carryin cover. n i really wanna tell u that carryincover was a fully covered thing. i dono if u guys can understan wat i say... :D

i gave me racquet (alone) to one of the guy who was standin there n he took it inside to repair it... i was al alone in tat shop. i really appreciate him for the belief he had in me.

CarbonEx 21 Special!
WoooW! soo sleek n sexy racquet! i took it to try it. You know, it was sooo easy to handle n i woould say even ppl who dono to play badinton would give a try. tat was sooo nice...
there was no way on earth for me to buy one like tat. it was somewhere around 2100 rupees at tat time.

i really curse the moment i laid my eyes on it...
i suddenly looked around to see if any1z noticin me... so many racquets were lyin in front f me n i knew no1 would notice if jus one is missin...
i looked around like a theif lookin for any witnesses...
i still remember, my hands n legs started to shiver... i m sure my heart was beatin at least @120 beats per min... i could feel the heart-beat outside... blood was pumpin into my eyes...n i thot it would fall down any moment...

i took the racquet n put it inside the cover which i had with me... ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh noooooooooooo.... i still cant think of it...

i was a typical theif there... no words to explain....

i placed the racquet inside my cover n waited for the guy to come with me original racket...
i wanted to get outa soon as possible... my hands were stil shivering....

NO....i cant do it.... they believed me n left me alone in the shop thinkin i would neva cheat them...n i dono....i was panickin...
i took it outa my cover n left it there...

i can still feel the fear i had in my mind then...
i was tryin to steal...

i had to be punished... i wanted to tell them...somewhere inside me...but no1 wud eva do too dint...
i dint win the tournament... n my racket broke,too...
one of the moments in life where i felt the presence of GOD...


but i dint learn...i will neva say i hav neva stolen in my life since then...
i have.... not racket...but MONEY!

Friday, July 17, 2009

aN eXpEnSiVe pApErWeIgHt...

2007 February

the moment i laid my eyes on it, i wanted to buy it. New Nokia N73 Music Edition.
WoW! it was like, you know, my dream mobile phone. it was around 22k inlcudin VAT :(
2009 July (15th - to be exact)

it took so long to view the msg i received from one of my frnd. Damn fone!
Truly, my fone cant b blamed, for havin around 2000 msgs n 1.5GB of data. i jus use my fone to attend calls (n cut them ofcos), msg frnds n rarely i hear songs... i havent even explored wat was there inside some folders, u see.

i hav been usin it for the past 2.5 yrs n i clearly knew my fone software version is outa date by then. i read in some forum, performance would increase if i update the software!
Okay! so i identifed the problem now. i dint waste my time. i connected my mobile to my laptop n downloaded al the necessary softwares n started to updating!

i saw some warnin..which said not to stop the update process in betweeen n the fone shud hav enuf battery charge, i shud not lock my device, profile shud be 'General' etc etc etc....
i did all the pre-requisites n started the process... hehehe...i waited for almost 2 hours. i had to download the update software n then install it.
almost 80% of the update was done when i noticed a pop-up which said i gotta restart my laptop! SHUCKS! i never expected tat.
i had to restart my system!
n from then my phone is dead. i dint get tensed then. i started searchin for other mob fones (Nokia E71 - my next crush :D) n their prices.
i google'd for my next step to get my fone repaired. n at last i realized...

i spent 22k, 2 years back to get a pApErWeIgHt... vey much expensive paperweight!

PS: i now realize the value.
i lost all my msgs. i used to save those 'precious' msgs n some very important drafts. i lost everythin... all my contacts, all my pics, everythin...

at least u gotta check if the profile is 'General', cuz i feel tat shud be the problem....for not havin changed the profile from 'Chaobrate' to 'General' :((

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

aBoUt mE tHiNgY... :D

So....m into the world of bloggin too...

m aNoOp n m from cochin. i got tonnes to write abt myself but, u kno, i don hav much time for that. khe khe khe... time is 11.52 PM. I'm not in a mood to write much cuz i already fot' with ma best frnd.
i do fight with her most of the time. n this must be the 3rd time in 2 days m figthin with her. She switched off her mob...n i y shud i keep callin..?? i wont...

oopss...did i deviate from the topic?? about ME?? hahaha...
m sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes sensitive...very sensitive to be frank :|
i forgive soon n i think tatz one f the best qualities in me, (:D) though i got all those EGO n POSSESSIVENESS as all other human being does.

i wont say m good cuz i know i'm not!

there are people who think that 'those people' are good who don hide anythin even if they did somethin wrong...n havin said tat, you, by now, would hav understood tat i fall in tat category. khe khe khe...
but sometimes i hav felt m be frank!

i think u mite hav got a lil idea abt me.tatz good! i gotta go...12.04 AM. my goodness!
i got offis 2moro... :((
n yea i need to repair my mobile. Shucks!


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