Sunday, January 30, 2011

tata photon plus - 'unlimited plan' sucks.

Hi Reader (if someone is reading :D),

If you have any plan to change your current Tata Photon Plus plan to an 'Unlimited Usage' plan, please dont. It sucks.

I feel its better to choose a time-based or data-based plan depending on your usage. But, please please please, dont go for an unlimited plan. They say they provide 3.1 Mbps speed upto 10 GB (changes depending on the plan you choose) and rest will be around 155 Kbps.

Though they say all this, I have never seen the 'speed touching even 100 Kbps, ever since I changed the plan. When I was using the time-based plan (monthly rental of Rs. 950), I could see the speeds upto 2.5 Mbps.

So people, shed Tata Photon Unlimited or go for BSNL. I really dont believe its me suggesting to opt for BSNL broadband. My previous experience with BSNL was way too bad but now I must say I'm more than happy with BSNL.

This post is not to promote BSNL Broadband. Okay. Its upto you. I just wanted to give a heads-up before you go for Photon Plus.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 minutes, 20 questions, 12 right answers!

I wrote the most important exam of my life. I thought it would be really easy. My sir gave me a booklet of 100 questions out of which 20 will come for the test and I just need to get 12 answers right. No negative marking. Once entered, no going back!

The (Ultimate) Test:
Its an online exam. 1o minutes. 20 multiple-choice questions, 3 computers. 3 persons at a time. No copying. No bit of papers. Nothing! Cant think of something tougher.

The Exam Hall:
The test usually starts at 10 AM. I didnt have any plans to write the test today for they conduct test 3 days in a week. But my sir phoned me and asked me to go and attend it today hoping there wont be any rush. After all its a weekday. I went for the test at 11 AM and there were at least 25 of them waiting for the test. There is a computer in the hall where you can try the 'mock test'. I tried it a few many times. Got used to the pattern and type of questions and got ready for the test.

The Question Paper:
The computer displayed my picture, my address and whatever information I had filled in the form. Few seconds later it showed 'Hit the green button'. It was not difficult for me to find the green button for there were only three 'keys' visible. I answered the first one and got it right. I felt it easy. Further on, it became tougher. I got tensed. My fingers started shivering. I started to concentrate more. Again! Wrong answer. I've got plenty of time. But running short of questions. I got 7 right answers out of 12 I attempted. OMG! I need more questions. What the hell does this symbol mean? I havent seen symbols like that in my life. I started to guessing the answers. More wrong answers.

Somewhere Between 'The Question Paper' And 'The Result':
8 out of 15. Only 5 more questions and need 4 right answers. OMG! I have never prayed like that even during my board exams. I was thinking about the embarrassment when I get out of the hall. OK. Wrong answer again! WTF! 4 questions and I need to get all of them right. Luckily, next three questions were simple ones. 8 more minutes and one question left!

The Result:
Last question. I saw the picture of something I have never seen before and the question was to interpret the meaning of it. I chose the 3rd option. Immediately the screen displayed 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU PASSED!'

Result After The Result:
I waited for the person there for he had to stick some paper on my application form. He did whatever he had to. I got it signatured for his superior officer. And there I'm. I finally got the Leaner's Driving License! :D

If I ever happened to get the last answer wrong, I would be the first human being on the planet to fail the learner's driving license test. Also, this was the first test I ever wished if I had more questions to answer. khe khe khe...

This is the picture:

No Through Side Road

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mera number kab ayega? ;)

In a lifetime the average person spends around 336 hours kissing - equivalent to a fortnight-long snog.
I just read this in Yahoo FTP (by ANI). This is just a snippet. You can read the full post here. If what they say is true, I just cant wait for my 336 hours. khe khe khe... ;)

PS: Sorry ANI if what I'm doing is plagarism.

PPS: Please note the change in my blog title :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

aftershave and after shave.

Let me come to the point straight.

I accidentally slipped my Gillette aftershave lotion and some of it splashed on the floor. My mom came shouting and asked me what happened.

I: I slipped the aftershave lotion.
Mom: Oh that's bad. Is it too costly?
I: No, not really.
M: I know you spend a lot these days. Who do you think you are? Kochi rajavinde kochu mono? (read: are you the grandson of Kochi Maharaja?)
I: What happened now for you to say this?
M: Why did you call the cab to go to that marriage function?
I: Mom, please...stop this.
M: If you start spending like this, you are going to suffer a lot. If you are like this now, what will happen to our expenses once we get our car?
I: Its not me who booked the car. Its Dad. Ask him.
M: What will you do after your marriage? You cant spend like this. You know, if we had spent money like what you are doing now, you wouldn't be in this place you are now.
I: I know. Now please stop this. I know you all suffered a lot. But this is 2011. And this is how people are these days.

She and I went on and on and on even after the shave. I cursed the moment I spilled the bottle.

Oh my god. Sometimes we just cant control them. Parents are always like that. They just want their kids to be happy. I can understand what they feel. But I just cant stop spending money. khe khe khe... See, I'm not wasting it. I'm spending for what I feel is useful. :|

Thursday, January 6, 2011

i wanna make a lot of money.

My life-time ambition is to buy a BMW 5 Series car at the age of 40. Now I'm 26 years old. When I think of next 14 years, I'm almost sure that I cant make 45 lakhs.

There are a lot of ways to make money.
1. Steal - illegal and easiest way
2. Inheritance - you are lucky
3. Dowry - this is the best way. No risk ;)
4. Business - you need some guts
5. Investments like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits etc - bravo!
6. Share trading - super-bravo ;) like me... :D

Share Trading is my favorite. I've been trading for quite sometime now. I can feel its the most reliable investment plan. I can say that because I know how it works. For those who think investing in shares is 'gambling', they are FOOLS. It is like pronouncing SAP (software company) as 'Saap'. It is S-A-P.

If you know about some good companies, if you are not greedy, if you have some ample money to invest, I would say share trading is the best investment. If you invest more money, you can make more profit. If you invest less money, you can make less profit.

I know about a few shares where you can invest blindly and make profit out of it. I'm not going to say which share, though. I've done a lot of research about those companies and I worked out a strategy, which is, 5 lacs, 5 years, 100 transactions and you can make 75 lacs out of it. You may feel I'm bluffing. No, I'm not. You can make even more.

But you got to find the right stock and invest at the right time.


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