Thursday, February 24, 2011

yes, i'm from kerala n its a land of coconut trees. omg.

I've been hearing the same question from day 1. I'm done answering their stupid questions. YES! I'm from Kerala and its a land of coconut trees.

You use coconut in every dish you make? NO!

You drink coconut water? YES!

So coconuts might be very cheap in Kerala, isn't it? NO! Not so cheap. Rs.10/coconut

You eat rice with your hands :O? YES!

I've been to Koocheen. I liked the people there. They have lot of respect for others. Its not Koocheen ma'am. Its Cochin.

Hey, isn't that funny you have something like lemon-rice, sambar-rice, curd-rice in Kerala? No, not so funny like alu-paratha, chana-paratha, gobi-paratha in Delhi.

and the list goes on and on and on.

But you know what? I liked the people here. They are so friendly and all that. And I'm so very surprised that I cant find a single guy (at least my friends here) who haven't f**ked at least once. Really. I'm not joking. And they are so open about it. :|

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Monday, February 14, 2011

my first day in north-india.

Flight was 4 hrs late.

Reached office by 4 PM.

Heavy Rain.


No hangers.

No blanket.

No bathroom slippers.


Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm off to delhi.

I resigned from my company fearing that they would ask me to come to Delhi. Now that I resigned, they asked exactly what I feared. They booked a flight ticket scheduled to depart from Cochin on Monday morning.

I got to give Knowledge Transition (KT). I requested my manager to send one person to Bangalore so that I can give him whatever knowledge is necessary to work on my project. You see, managers do whatever they can to their employees to make them struggle like anything during their notice-period. I have never been to North India. I dont have any relatives or cousins or friends in Delhi.

Guess I will have to stay in Delhi for almost 3 weeks. I dont think I will be visiting places. I got no company to roam around. Thank God I can understand Hindi. But then I dont think I can manage alone. I wish if I had a friend in Delhi. :((

Hope Just-Dial would be there for help!

PS: I do not mind a blogger friend from Delhi. ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

its in their blood.

There are two kinds of girls in this world. One who shows off and other who doesnt.

Incident 1:

Recently, I and my brother went for a malayalam movie (Traffic) in Sarita theatre in Cochin. The movie was terrific. The crowd was overwhelming. We waited for a while for the crowd to drain and then we moved to the 2-wheeler parking area. On the way, I saw a (unmarried?) couple walking beside me. They might be in their early twenties. I dont have to tell you how people behave when we have a nice-looking-girl around.

'Are you serious?' I heard a shout. Everyone around looked at the girl. She was literally shouting and laughing at him. I dont know what made her to talk in English all of a sudden. Maybe because she wanted to let others know that she knows English or maybe she wanted herself to get noticed in front of others. Whatever!

Girls, I think they have a natural instinct to know when to show-off. No matter if she is beautiful or ugly or whatever for that matter. They have it in their blood.
Incident 2:

This is about someone who I knew for quite long time. She was working in a BPO in Chennai and she had to write some test in Trivandrum and I accompanied her to the railway station to send her off. We got into the coach, found her seat. There were a few people in the same compartment. I asked one elder lady to have an eye on my friend for she was alone.

She called me back from behind when I started to move. She took 100 rupees from her purse and told me to keep it for autorikshaw fare. I said I have enough with me to get myself home. She refused again. Took another 100 rupees and gave it to me. 'Anu, please take it. I know you dont have enough money.' (she used to call me 'Anu')

I was really embarrassed in front of everyone. Even now, I dont know what was the purpose of giving the money to me. She could have given that some other time when we were waiting for the train. She could have given the autorikshaw fare when we came to the station. Maybe, she didnt think it would insult me. Maybe her feelings were genuine. Maybe the way I think is wrong.

Maybe, she was showing off. You see, they have it in their blood.
PS: Please dont get offended. I'm not complaining about the whole species. There are exceptions.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

he is no better than me.

I think its human behavior to compare someone with someone else. Parents do compare their kid with their neighbor's kid. Husband compares his wife with his friend's. And very few of them compare his ex-girl-friend's husband with himself. That's not a strange thing or so I believe. The reason why I'm saying this right now is, I also compared myself with someone else.

She hates people who smoke or so she told me. I was little worried when I heard the news that she is going to get married. One side of my mind hated her to the core for she left me. But the other side of my mind wanted her to get settled and live happily. I'm not that cruel, you see.

Few days back, I saw him smoking cigarette. You dont know how happy I felt when I saw him smoking. I at least have one good quality when compared to him.

PS: Deep inside, I'm jealous of him.

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