Saturday, December 26, 2009

i need coffee. they gimme tea.

I dont know why they expect me to do exactly the same thing what they ask me to do. They love me. They grew me up. I love them. But that doesnt mean that they can take advantage of my love for them. I just cant do anything else but what they ask me to do. They do good things for me. In fact really good things. But that is not what i want.

Do I not have rights over my life?

Friday, December 25, 2009

they are called 'relatives'

This post is about my recent observation about our family relatives. I, unfortunately, happened to talk about my friend's love marriage to my parents. Luckily, for my parents, one of my relative was also at home.

I found a very funny truth (in fact, many) when we finished the conversation.

Their first problem is that it is a 'Love Affair'. They hate the word love BIG TIME. Their next problem is if she is of the same caste or religion. They dont care even if the guy/gal is good-for-nothin.

Next problem is 'family-support'. And by the word, they just mean that they need all their relatives to come for the marriage. They give lot of suggestions. They vanish after the D-Day. They are those who spend lakhs and lakhs of money for a marriage and then regret spending it.

Their next problem is 'public'. What would they say? Public - assholes. They are just interested to make problems. Oops..I'm sorry. I dint mean every one of them but very few like ***** :P

I have only one question. "Can you promise me that I would be happy for the rest of my life if I marry a gal you suggest? "

long time no see, psycho.

I'm back after a very long interval, i guess. I was in Coimbatore. Sadly, I was not allowed to log on to blog sites. I'm home now. I just wanted to take some time to check if my friends here stil remember me. khe khe khe...

I happened to get a comment from Urvashi. So Urvashiii... here I'm. :D
Yet again I heard that my so-called-friends read my blog and I suspect if they missed my psycho-blog-posts. I think my blogs are meaningful, at least for me and some of them who read mine. And those who feel I'm a psycho-fuckin-looser, please, you would really need a mirror.
The above text was meant to someone who is so special, respectful and he who thinks he knows everything and actually knows nothing. Why don't you go check the polio vaccination schedule?

So, today was a very important day in my life. I came home for a reason and I think I'm 90% successful. Rest 10%...hmmm...yes i can get it done over time. :D Let it remain a secret till then. Need your prayers BTW.

I'm expected to take a Tata Indicom Photon+ very soon which would mean you can expect my frequent visits to read blogs and also to write some psycho-blogs :P

Sunday, December 13, 2009

my strange haircut.

I went to the barber shop and asked them to cut it short, too very short. They gave me a strange look. i dint bother. i just somehow wanted to get rid of my hair. I got surprised seeing myself in the mirror. I was like who-is-this? khe khe khe...

I went to the photo studio to take my passport size foto, for i gotto submit tat during the time of joining. I went there and ordered for 20 copies. They asked me to look at the foto n check if wat i asked them to print is right or wrong. I pointed to the file BX-44 and asked them to take prints of 'that'.
'Who is this?' the keeper asked me.
i gave him a strange look. 'Its me' i said. hmmm... embarrassing situation.

Same thing happened again. i went to the company to join there. i went there and they gave me the forms that must be filled on the DOJ. They asked me my photo copies and i gave them too. After sometime, senior HR executive called me up to his cabin and asked me my DOB, father's name mother's name, PAN card number and all those to check if i'm the real ME. khe khe khe.. it took me sometime to make them believe that it was really ME. :((

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

wish me luck.

I'm off to Coimbatore. New company. New project. New place. New culture. New Climate. New mosquitoes :P. Hopefully new friends. New Email ID. New mobile number. New food. New water. Hope i wont struggle there for its a better place than Chennai.

I'm happy that i can come home every week.

Monday, December 7, 2009

its good to be home.

I'm home. After really long time. I feel good. I feel bad too for i dont have a net connection at home. Planning to take a Tata Photon+ 2moro. Let me see how its gonna work out. I will have to move to Coimbatore on Wednesday.

Everyone is good here i guess. This time it was slightly different from my other visit. Cuz this time i was out of my home most f the time. Usually i don go out of my home once i reach here for personal reasons. No friends ask me also. I dont care about that. neither do they :( khe khe khe...But i'm happy to hear that they read my blog :D

This time also i had a fight with my parents sayin abt love marriage and arranged marriage. Its an on-goin fight. Hmmm i wil keep fighting till i succeed :D

Okay... So I'm using my friends net connection. He can kick me out any moment. So let me stop here. Sorry for this post. I mean a good-for-nothin post. sorry... :D

Friday, December 4, 2009

i'm a diCease.

I hate you to the core when i'm angry. Its up to you to understand that. If you dont wanna continue this friendship, go ahead. Be alone. I wont come to disturb you. I'm such a pain, right? I knew.

I'm a disease. Treat me.

at office.

So here I'm. The most awaited day this was, since i joined the company. The Last Working Day! khe khe khe...I cant type another blog sitting in this office. From 10th, new office, new place and new friends.

I got nothin to tell you in person. But i think i will miss you people. Yes, hopefully very few of them. My Project Manager and people who sit next to me. I would keep in touch with them for sure. I'm happy but sad also on the other side of my brain :)

i dont wanna type any longer. These people will block my ID as soon as I finish this email. So I'm in a hurry. I don wanna take last minute risks :D n yea You would also prefer me to stop flattering.

I will see you all. Love you...

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

here i'm, dying.

I know you love me. More than anything on the planet. But why not saying it? Its the sweetest thing I can ever hear and you can ever say. My life is depending on it, on what you say. The wait is killing me.

sin, love is.

I dont understand what I did for God to punish me like this. All I did is I loved someone I'm never supposed to love. I just loved you. Not purposely I did. It just happened. If that is a sin, I'm the greatest sinner you ever came across in your life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my kind-of-feeling

Unfortunately or fortunately, she is a Christian and I'm a Hindu. I sure cant find any possibility my parents or her parents agreeing to this relationship. But is that her problem or mine? What we did? Nowadays I kind of started to generating a feelin, hatred towards Christians. All of them in this world. Maybe I'm wrong. Not maybe. I'm wrong.

Maybe I'm too possessive or maybe I'm very badly in love with her. Whatever! I cant get over it.

except me.

She is celebrating her brother's birthday in some expensive hotel. She is enjoying. I can see her smiling faces in orkut. She dont have any problem in uploading the fotos in orkut. She is the one who ruined my life. And see how I am? I'm the one who is thinking about old fuckin stories and wasting my time and energy.

i look around. Everyone is smiling. They at least have reasons to be happy. At least for the time being. But why God is doing this to me? Is he testing me? Why the fuck he isnt testing others?

Everyone is happy...except me.

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