Wednesday, September 30, 2009

gUn oN mY dEsK... >:D

first, it was a 'boat on my desk' and now its a gun! :D I'm happy to write the 2nd part of 'a boat on my desk' and u can read it here.
i m so happy that i found a very effective way of spendin leisure time at offis. i'm into Origami nowadays n i find it really interesting. its challengin too. Everytime i get to know new crafts. My kids would be so lucky to get a father like me who can make many paper crafts. :D

So here are my craft works. :D
This is my Gun. So beware! :P

This s the cube which i learned to make newly ;)

from a different angle...

bEsT-fRiEnDs-ReDeFiNeD <3

i hit, she hugs
i decide, she obeys
she decides, i obey
i love, she love
i miss, she miss
i cry, she cries
i shout, she smiles,
she smiles, i angry
i kiss, she kiss
i hug, she slaps
i slap, she stamps

i friend, she friend
we are best-friends-redefined! :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i hAvE bEeN aWaRdEd...again ^_^

Hmm... So this is my 2nd award and first one for this blog :D (though the same one :|), i m happy too n thanks to Ambika for presenting me this award. :)

Rules for the award :

- List five current obsessions.
- Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
- On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
- When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.
- Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 5 Obsessions:

1. My Only-Bestest-Friend - She is all i have :)
2. My Mobile-Phone - Cuz thats the only way to keep in touch with my above-said-friend
3. My Diary - cuz tats the only place where i can use all the bad words i know for i don need any permission :D
4. My laptop - Cuz all my movies, videos, songs, bla bla blaah r inside that :|
5. My External Hard-disk - Cuz recenlty i took backup of my laptop n i cant afford missin even a single file from it :|

I would like to pass the award to -
1. Vidhu
2. Aritry

100 rUpEeS! wAnNa bEt..?

Dec 10 1999 – around 11 PM
I was in the hospital when I woke up. I could feel the pain on the left cheek. It’s swollen. I can feel the projection. My dad n mom was near me. 'Sorry Son' My dad said crying. Why he said sorry? I dono…all I could remember was a bright light in my eyes…

Dec 10 – around 7 PM
What did u do in the class yesterday? My dad asked me. I dint dare to say a word. He slapped me hard on my face and warned me. I went fuzzy. I heard my dad sayin abt my class teacher. I fell down.

Dec 9 – must be around 3 or 4 PM
My class teacher called up a kinda-meeting with me and other teachers. 12 teachers were around me questioning what I did. I said it was a bet among my friends. I felt so insulted in front of them. She, the girl, was not lookin at me. This became an issue cuz f her friend. Ma’am asked my dad’s number.

Dec 8 – Lunch break
She shouted at me. She said all those dialogues a gal used to say when a guy proposes and threw the autograph on to my face. I dint utter a word. I saw the last page in the autograph was torn.

Dec 8 – Morning
I wrote I loved her in my own autograph on the last page and gave it to her. I told her not to look at the last page. My ultimate intention was to make her some how read the last page.

Dec 7 – Evening

He challenged me if I can tell her that I loved her, he would give me 100 rupees. I was in school then. 100 rupees was fairly a big amount for me.

Photo Credit: Mary Helen McNally / Image

Monday, September 28, 2009

i PiSs oN mY pAnTs...

i stayed at my Uncle's place for almost an year when i was in school. it was easy for me to go to school cuz it was so near. i had many frnds there n one of them was lil closer to me. she used to call me everyday. jus like tat! we used to talk for hours durin weekends. My uncle felt odd when he saw me on fone most f the time.

We were not in love. i had no such feelings for me. we were jus frnds, on the verge of bein best friends. :) So, on one fine day, she called me n we were talkin. i was in the terrace then. i heard a rough-male voice from the other side. i wondered wat. it was my uncle on the other side. He shouted at her n asked wat r we talkin for this long. i felt so embarrassed. i dint utter a word. i dint know wat to tell her. She dint utter too. He shouted for around 2 mins continuously n cut the call. i also cut the call. She did too. i dint talk to my uncle for 2 days. but it dint help at all. She stopped callin me. she stopped talkin to me.

Even now, after 11 years, she don talk to me n when i see her in the temple, she gives me a weird look. i don miss her or nothin like i hav been pining for her but still i piss on my pants when i see her cuz f the embarrassment.

Photo Credit: Julia Freeman-Woolpert / Image

Sunday, September 27, 2009

DaViD CoPpErFiELd's gRaNdPa'S aCeS...

David Copperfield has always amazed people with his magic. i used to wonder how he does so complicated with so much ease. Have a look at his 'Sleight of Hand' sequence. Its 4mins long but its worth watchin. i'm damn sure ur jaw will drop open!

iF i DiE 2mOrO...

i jus wanna let u know tat i loved u with all my heart...i dono if i will get another chance to say this to u. i want u to live with those who love u a lot and those who were with u durin ur hard times. i kno i hav neva given u any happiness but tats the way i love. tats me... my love for u...
u dint get it. u wont get it. not ever. But please, dont curse me!

For you, 'K'!

i cAn uNdErStAnD...

dont say u feel sorry for wat u did, dont say u love me the way u did before, dont say u r my friend jus the way u were before...Cuz u r bad at acting!

iT mAkEs mE hApPy...

Money makes me so happy that i feel i'm on top of the world. When i work on somethin for quite some time, i get bored. i curse them, i blame them. But when i get to do the same work for a higher salary, i praise them. Money matters to me a lot.

There is no point in teasin me. i cant be blamed. You will also do wat i did if u were in the same situation. Or does tat make u jealous when i do wat u do but i get a better paycheck?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


i took some funny pics an di guess it would really be funny if i could let others see it too... ;)

the first pic - 24 hours HDFC ATM!

i thot it was supposed to open for 24 hours and when i was really in need of some cash, it was closed :| the security guard shouted at me for takin tat pic. He went crazy thinkin m a terrorist or robber...khe khe khe...

2nd pic - Lock the system!
n this is how they lock the system... khe khe khe... i was laughin my ass off.. :D seein this CPU in my offis.. :D How do i un-lock it if i lost my key? :O

3rd pic - Sign board!
i think this is the most funniest of all... it was supposed to mean 'Do not PLUCK mangoes'.

Even if there was a spellin mistake, we can understand. But the sign board was hanged on a COCONUT TREE! khe khe khe...

PS: ROFLMAOWPIMPWTIME - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Pissing In My Pants With Tears In My Eyes!

aM i ReaLLy gOoD..? ;)

I think I’m good. Cuz I have done good things. But I used to think what others would think if I didn’t do something which is good or if I do something which is not good. So am I doing good things for other’s sake? Or is it jus to make an image that I’m good? Does that really make me good?

Are all good people like this? Or aren’t there any good people?
But I’m good! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tHe eMbArRaSsEd fOoL...

Time was around 4.45AM when i reached Palghat railway station that day. i was very tired and i was alone too. i had to catch the next train to Ernakulam which was at 5.05AM. i was hungry and desperately wanted to eat somethin. i was running outa money also. :|

what i told them:
i rushed to the counter to take tickets. the ticket price was Rs. 49. i had 100 bucks with me and i got the balance, a Rs.50 note and a Re.1 coin, and came to platform #2. the train was abt to depart n i was rushin to the door. Suddenly a guy who was runnin to catch the train hit me. that idiot dint even bother to apologize. i did a 360-degree-circus-act n came back to normal. i saw my ticket and the Rs.50 note slippin thru the gap under the train! OMG! WTF! i jus had Re.1 with me :O i saw one of my friend in the railway station by luck and got Rs.30, went to Trissur, to my Aunt's home.

what actually happened:
i got into the train. i stood for quite sometime. One of the guy who was standin along with me asked me where was i going? 'Ernakulam' i answered. He gave me a strange look. 'WHAT? ERNAKULAM? This train is goin to MANGALORE!!" i felt like, WHAT?!? i dint know wat to do. i felt so embarrassed. The train to Ernakulam was on platform #1. He asked to get down at Shoranur station and catch a bus to Trissur n i did that.
i dint want others to know tat i got into the wrong train. i felt embarrassed. So i made a convincing story to make others believe.

a bOaT oN mY dEsK... >:D

i have always been crazy about Origami. i used to wonder how do people make dragons and all sorta wateva things they want outa a sheet of paper. And the surprising thing is there s math behind it. i once tried to make a dragon. it was gettin too complicated n i did stop in the middle but i found it very interesting. i tried learnin them watchin some videos in youtube.

This post is all about 'a boat'. i think this boat (which i made) is different from what you make. i studied this from one of my college-friend Jerry. He is an expert and now i'm too. ;) Here is the boat i made and that is my hand :D

That is cute na?

i dOnT wAnNa LiVe WiThOuT yOu...

Do you believe in reincarnation? i jus wanna know if its worth prayin to god for another birth!

Photo Credit: Jamie Brelsford / Image

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tWeNtY iN pLeNtY...

i was studying in 7th or 8th std i guess. i don remember. But i do remember the shop where i used to go on weekends. i knew the shop-keeper really well. we used to play chess and spend time together playin games. he believed me like a brother. Still he does.

i curse the moment he gave me a new 20-rupees indian currency note in my hand for the help i did to him some day. it was a gift for me. the note was so cute. i kept it so safely inside a notebook. One day, when i was the shopkeeper for the time being, a customer handed over a 20 rupees note. OMG! i looked at it like a Somalian Kid looks at a slice of bread. i could still feel the hunger i then had for those notes. i slipped that into my pocket without having anyone noticed it. it continued for days. i still remember counting over 25 twenty-rupees notes which i possessed.

P.S: i regret for wat i have done. i neva got a chance to tell this to him. Even after 9-10 years, i still keep thinkin of those. But i'm not a thief. Not now. Even then, i was not a thief...i dono...but i stole tat money :(

P.P.S: Somalian Kid thingy was meant to be funny. Not to hurt anybody's feelings by sayin 'Somalia'!

OpPoSiTe PoLeS aTtRaCt... (^_^)

i have been thinkin this since when i was in 10th std. i dono is this somethin like a Thumb-rule which has to be followed or rule-of-nature kinda. i have seen lot of lovers since my childhood. In all the cases at least the gal will be so looking good or the boy will be very handsome. Not even once i have seen where both of them are lookin good. i dono y this is happenin.

The bitter truth is - All Beautiful Gals have Not-So-Good-Lookin Boyfriend and All Handsome Guys have Not-So-Good-Lookin Girlfriend. Why? i'm not tryin to say that the guy or gal is not good at their heart. They might be, but their looks are poles apart. Outa 100, 98 of them r like this :D

So, What i'm tryin to say is, i feel very happy (and lucky, ofcoz) for one day i ll also get a Beautiful-Girl-Friend! khe khe khe...

Photo Credit: AH Digital FX Studios / Image

hApPiEsT dAy iN yOuR LiFe... :'(

For what i did to your parents, for what i did to ur friends, for wat i did to ur trust u had on me, for wat i did to you, you would revenge? i would neva be happy?
The happiest day in your life is the day you see me dead?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

m sOrRy...Dad :(

Dad, Sorry to talk against u tat day. i jus wanted to know if you would agree if i marry a gal of different caste. i dint mean to hurt you. And the mobile price is actually 17k, not 12k. i was afraid if you would let me buy that mobile if i had told u the exact price.

wHy iS tHiS hApPeNiNg tO mE..?

i dint forget to update my blog. i dint forget to check my mail. i dint forget to scrap my friend. i dint forget to have breakfast or lunch. i dint forget to take my mobile. i dint forget any thing related to me.

Why the hell on earth am i forgettin things related to her? Please!

Photo Credit: Courtney Icenhour / Image / Website

aRe aLL giRLs LiKe tHiS..? pArT 3 :P

'Are All Girls Like This?' - Sequel. You can see the part1 here and part 2 here.

In Dec 2008, one of my friend got married. They were really happy at the begining, but only until they took a rented house and shifted to there. This guy had to go to offis early in the mornin. This guy had many complaints about the gal which were obvious nowadays, like, she is not waking up early, she doesn't know to cook to mention a few. This gal wasn't that rich but is from an above-average family.

20-30 days after marriage!
This guy had to prepare tea, food every morning and to serve himself and his wife too. Obviously this was difficult for him to carry on cuz he had to go to offis. She dint even care to help him and she slept most of the time. He got acquainted with this daily-routine and so did she. The problem arised on one fine sunny day.

This lazy-crazy gal called her parents and complained about the guy. You know what? "Mom, this guy is always preparing not-so-good-tea and Upma (famous Indian food) everyday. I'm fed up of these stupid dishes he make. Mom, Dad, please let me come home". He was not so kind to turn his back to this. Her parents encouraged this too. Her parents took initiative and brought her home. They did complain about his dishes and making her work like a dog. At last he decided to get divorced for which she dint agree. khe khe khe... She is ready to work now and do wateva he wants. Her parents are ready too. But He is not and thats wat really matters.

The BILLION DOLLAR question- "She dont even help him in wat he was doin. She doesnt even know to make a tea. And she is complaining about his cooking?"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

nO oNe iN tHiS wOrLd wiLL...

Asha says to Anoop - No one in this world will ever love me the way you do!

The story begins here:
Anoop has got many friends. Asha has got many friends too. Kiran is one of her friends. Kiran already got a girl friend and Asha is aware of this. She gets possessive about it sometimes but not always.

Months passed.
Asha says to Anoop - No one in this world will ever love me the way you do!
Kiran ditched his previous girl friend. Kiran had another best friend - Veda and she was gonna get married. Kiran gets so senti and he dint wanna miss his next best friend too. So, Kiran proposes Asha. Asha was in great confusion. She wanted to accept his proposal. Asha says this to Anoop. 'Hey, isnt he of different religion?' Anoop reminds Asha. 'Yes. But it is Ok. He will marry if we want to. He is that kinda guy, you know.' Asha said. But for some reason, there was not much movement or talks about it. They fought they fought and they fought. Kiran ditched Asha and found another girl.

Years passed.
Asha says to Anoop - No one in this world will ever love me the way you do!
Anoop had no choice but to propose her. You know, this friends' love! But he dint want to miss her. That was the only way he found to keep their relationship alive for ever. 'I did think about it. But you are of different religion. My parents will never agree. So lets not talk about this topic again. OK?' said Asha. 'No one in this world will love you more than i do. i can talk to your parents if u want' Anoop said. "No. Its ok. Lets not talk about it' said Asha again.

Years passed!
Asha says to Anoop - No one in this world will ever love me the way you do!

PS: Names Changed!

Photo Credit: Jiratchaya Siripoonya / Image

aRe aLL GirLS LiKe tHiS? o_O pArT II (^_~)

One of my friend read the part 1 of this post and gave some comments. i seriously dint mean to offend the whole girl-species, but definitely few of them :P She sent some text msgs to me after readin it.

K: its not matter of girls Anoop. How you were possessive with her, even her husband would hav been. You dono wat happened to her. nobody knows. girls wont say even to friends. fear you may get angry. but she cant c you angry or her husband.

K: You cant judge them cuz they want to c all happy. all happy. probably not jus to hurt u in a way she has stopped talkin. all girls have to keep their desire off their real lives. and they do with smiles inside and heart burinin but will neva tell anyone.

K: dont mistake her anoop. She will neva tell u.she will only smile. you will feel hurt anyway but don mistake her. she cant c u unhappy...neva shout at her anytime. probably your one smile may make her forget all her worries. and ur frnship will make her feel comfortable. neva get angry on her.

Me: Hey, i was about to write the second part of that blog. khe khe khe...

K: write part 2 in such a way tat when she reads it, she mite feel that she still has that shoulder to lie when she is in need. and she has not lost her best friend. niether those moments.
This blog is just to let her (my best friend and NOT 'The K' mentioned :P) know (if she eva happens to read this) that i m not angry with her n my prayers r stil with her. i would definitely think my wife should be dependent on me n not on her friends, best friends wateva. m selfish at heart n so i think the other way. u don bother OK? live life king size! Love u...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

qUiTe EmBaRrAsSiNg... :-#

i would give you an-advice-from-heart for free.
Never Ever Help A Studious-Beautiful-and-Very-Very-Honest Girl! :(

It was during my model exams in 10th standard. We used to have hundreds of them to keep us healthy for the exams. School authorities saw these exams strictly and every student had to attend these exams. sometimes the concerned teached would give the answer sheets to the students itself for correction, ofcos, not their own papers, but only one condition that they gotta write their name on the corrected-sheets at the end to find the examiner :D

There was a girl named Priya (name changed) in my class and she was good looking n studious. So, for obvious reasons i had a crush on her. ;) i was overwhelmed with joy when i got her Hindi-answer-sheet for correction. khe khe khe... i did nothin except that i jus corrected one answer for her and gave an extra mark. Just 1 MARK! i had many reasons behind n i hope u can guess all those. khe khe khe... i was a KID then. i used to try all stupid things to make her notice me. :D

But you know what she did? She went n gave a complaint to the teacher sayin someone did fraud n its ANOOP! OMG! What on earth made her to complaint this to the Ma'am. She was a semi-crack too. She called me to the front and insulted me the maximum she could. i dint cry. i was not angry also. i just felt sooooooo embarrassing.

But Guys, i dint leave her n she accepted my proposal 3 years afterwards :)


Early 2009
i get tensed when i think about it. i really did enjoy those moments. i started to thinkin about those wheneva i missed her kinda. i dono how do they get over their emotions so soon. i used to blame her for the mistake she has neva done. :| i wanted to mail her. i wanted to call her first of all, but i knew she might have changed her number. i tried emailing her but she never replied. i used to call her all the 'words' i knew when i get tensed.

WHAT? Is that her? Did she join my office? OMG! Did she know i'm here? No way!
i was literally shocked to see her in my offis. She was lookin as beautiful as ever! But i neva wanted to go to talk to her. i dint know how she would react. i used to hide when i kinda accidentally go in front of her.

Next day!

i got a mail from her. OMG! i was on my toes. i felt so happy readin tat 'Hi' msg. She wanted to talk to me. i informed we would meet in the cafeteria. i was so happy to see her again in my office. i can see her all day every day! WoW! But what she wanted to tell me was slightly different from what i thought she wanted to tell me. But still m happy that i got her friendship back!

Friday, September 18, 2009

i mUsT b oUtA mY MiNd...

i was the sub-referee for a TT match that happened today at our offis. i was one of the committee member too. Among the players, one of them was from the committee and for that matter, i was, obviously, supporting him. Opponents were my friends too.
i clapped when my friend got some points n most of them do it. But that doesnt mean that i'm biasing. i was fair when questions were asked. But this FUCKIN-RAJA', sonnovagun, commented somethin.
WHAT? WHAT WHAT? i shouted.
he said i'm supporting my friends n there was some match fixing behind it. FUCK YOU RAJA!

i don care a fuck about what you are sayin. i dint wanna make a scene out there but that doesnt mean that u can fuckin back-stab me... u prick!

RiGhT BeHiNd yOu...

"Will you call me after my marriage?"
that was the first question she asked when i answered her call. Time was around 10 PM i guess. i wondered what.
"hey why are u askin this now?"
"Just like that. i just wanted to know who really does care for me."
Hmm... i dint know what to reply. i have heard gals change a lot after their marriage. They ll mostly be Hubby-dependent. But this was the first time 'a gal' askin me if i will cal her after her marriage. She is a very good friend of mine. She warned me to call her once in every week or else she will kill me... khe khe khe...
i felt sorry for her. this blog is just to let you know that i'm right behind u... ;) n don worry i'm not gonna leave u until u ask me to go away...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tHe MiNd gAmE...

"I should not have done this. She meant a lot to me but i should respect her feelings and privacy. Its me who is suffering now. Oomph! it is so painful! Why the hell did i do it? But i'm happy that she loves me. She said so but did she really mean it? Did i do somethin cruel? She loves someone. But they broke up 2 years back.

She has told me that she still loves him. I love her too. He left her, then y is she still behind him? He don deserve her. Do i deserve her? I hope so. i love her a lot more than anyone. She knows that her affair with him was not gonna be successful. They fought al the time. But i don have any intention to hurt her. i told i ll talk to her parents. She wasn't ready. i love to talk to her. Her eyes are so beautiful n i love lookin deep into her eyes.

i asked if she still loved him. She dint answer. i knew she still loved him. i was gettin selfish. She was a good frnd of mine. i threatened her with my emotions. i broke my leg for it. She is mine. Her physical body is mine. but her mind still lingers around him."

iS iT 'LoVe' yOu nEeD..?

is it 'different-kinds-of-love' you need?
is it 'friends' you need?
Does the 'number' matter to you?

i love you, more than anyone on the planet and it will neva reach near mine even if u sum up all of their's!

Photo Credit: Cecile Graat / Image

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wHaT eLsE dO yOu nEeD...?

first, the time we spent together,
then the talks we had
the messages we exchanged
the calls we made
the friends we had
the mobile number
the mails we sent
the password we both knew
and now the security questions too...

bit by bit by bit... u r takin away everythin from me
all i believed was 'time', but u deceived it too...

now, is it my life that you need? what?!?


i HaVe bEeN aWaRdEd... \(^o^)/

Hey, i have been awarded by Riya. Thank you so much Riya, for awarding me and also lettin me know how this award thingy works. ;) :D

Rules for the award :

- List five current obsessions.
- Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
- On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
- When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.
- Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Five Obsessions:

1. My Diary 2009 - i cant think of a day without writing my diary!
2. My Mobile Phone - i cant even think of a second without it...
3. My Laptop - OMG! All my documents are inside that.
4. Movies - i love watchin english movies n m fond of downloadin tonnes of them :D
5. My Rubik's Cube - i have been tryin to solve it since 1 year. yet, i havent found the solution for the last layer! :(

Now i would like to pass this award to -
1. Neha
2. Aritry
3. Urvashi
4. Sunakshi
5. Swats

PS: i don have recent guy-visitors for my blog n so i run outa boy-friends. khe khe khe... So, all names listed above r gals.. ;)

a gLiMpSe oF hOpE...

She, on

day 1 - gave a rude stare
day 5 - jus a look this time
day 11 - a not-smiling smile
day 23 - a genuine smile
day 34 - 'Hi'
day 48 - 'good mornin email'
day 63 - email but not an email :P
day 78 - Hey, long time. How are you?
day 81 - emails emails n emails
day 100 - Hey, its the 100th day. did u know?
day 100 - first text message
day 121 - formal text messages
day 142 - texts getting casual
day 160 - texts texts n text messages
day 200 - m missing her
day 245 - she z missing me... :D
day 365 - Hey, 1 year is completed since our frndship. See we dint even know :P
day 366 - Propose her
day 366 - she smiles...
day 366 - a glimpse of hope...

But, I'm on day 1 BTW. Khe khe khe... rest r the forecasts... ;)

Photo Credit: Ahmed Al-Shukaili / Image

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nEvEr iN mY LiFe AgAiN...

i really feel ashamed! i could have done better. i had a Table Tennis match 2day n i screwed it. Same thing happened yesterday also. Comparatively, my opponents were not good-players. No, i'm not under-estimating them. They are really good players. But they were not up to my level till yesterday. For my dismay, they defeated me just like that. I did spoil my game a lot. i'm not playing well nowadays. Hmm.. :| Maybe. Godz teachin me some lesson... :)

Never in my life again, i'll play Table Tennis again. I gotta keep seeing this blog to keep me reminding about the embarrassment. Hope this will help me to keep myself away from the board. Hmm... i know its too tough for a decision but i gotta stop it. I'm not a good player n so be it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

50 tHoUgHtS... :D

I was tagged by Aritry... sorry for being soo late... u can get the answer from my thoughts... :D

1. i really dint know what really a 'tag' means.
2. i dint know i was such a low-voltage tube-light khe khe khe...
3. i copied 'Khe khe khe' from my Orkut-friend Manu
4. i don regret for it.
5. m tensed cuz my best frnd is not messagin me...
6. my friends r watchin tv n the volume is irritating me
7. i m an introvert
8. my career life is sucked, big time
9. I'm broke.
10. i cant stop thinkin f my x-GF.
11. i, a software engineer, sent my resume to BMW yesterday... khe khe khe...
12. I'm thinkin how aritry finished this in 10 mins...
13. Can i search in google? :P
14. Aritry tagged me on Aug 23 Hmm.. :| My tagz rusted :|
15. My first poem was a gr8 HIT! My friends warned me NOT TO TRY it again. :(
16. i lied...
17. i m desperately tryin to finish 50 points.. OMG its jus 17
18. i gotta watch 'Milk' movie now
19. i gotta go to offis 2moro
20. i hate goin to that place.
21. i had a TT match 2day n i lost
22. i was supposed to be a gr8 player... But my pride brought me down
23. Can i write about my self Aritry? Cuz i got nothin els to say... :(
24. These stupid mosquitoes r killin me...
25. i used to wonder how bloggers get these many topics?
26. i used to search in google for blog topics, but never used it. i swear
27. I'm runnin outa money
28. only a 3-digit number left in my account OMG :(
29. Politics SUX! my friends r eagerly watchin some stupid news...
30. i hate news :P
31. y is she not messagin me?
32. Oops, i gotta pay my airtel broadband bill
33. I'm feeling hungry
34. i hate cricket
35. can any one help me findin some good images for 'Seeing is believing' thingy?
36. Sometimes i find images for my blog first and then make a topic outa it.
37. i feel embarrassed, cuz i did reveal a lot about me.
38. i talk a lot.
39. Jus reached 39??????? :O :O
40. what you guys say about the topic 'Beginner's Luck'?
41. Please dont you make a blog outa the topics i said Please please please... :D
42. i started writing this at 10 PM and now the time is 10.30 PM
43. I'm not good at writing.
44. Aritry, its all cuz f u... :P
45. I'm happy that i understood how to tag a person thru blog?
46. BTW, is this the way we tag others? i really dono...
47. Thank God, i'm about to finish... i gotta start searchin job.. :D
48. i lied to my friend tat i m watchin movie.
49. Actually i WAS watchin movie but only then i got this idea f 'tag'ing :D
50. Alas! i finished. it took 45 mins for me to finish it! Very Bad! :(

Thanks aritry! it was fun!

n i would like to tag Neha (Oops, she is not my follower. Will she see this? :O) n Urvashi :D

Photo Credit: Billy Alexander / Image / Website
Beginner's luck!

mY bEsT PiCkS...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'M iN a dEaDLoCk...

i want to stop cuz...
my words kill her.
my voice pricks her ears.
my calls disturb her.
my messages irritate her.
my possessiveness tortures her.

but i really cant...
cuz i love her...

Photo Credit: Troy Stoi / Image

pLeAsE, dOnT mEaSuRe...

dont measure my the words i use when i'm angry.

by the way i look into your eyes,
by the way how soon ur words console me,
by the way i love you...
by the way you love me...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

jUsT a tOuCh...

Do you remember the day we met after 4 years of friendship? i deperately wanted to see you. i still remember the way u looked at me when we were in the auto. Your eyes were lookin so beautiful. i was missing you, even though you were sittin rite beside me. i was happy until the train arrived.

tears tumbled down my cheeks when the train started moving. i wanted to come with you but u never asked to. i ran with the train for not to miss the very moment to see you.

i wanted to tell u a lot many things but i was runnin outa words. i dono if u noticed, i had kept my hands near the window when u were inside the train. All i wanted was....

Photo Credit: Charlotte Na / Image

ThRiFtY NiFtY FiFtY...

My 50th blog! :D m so happy n i wanted to enjoy this with my friends (if i can say so :D) n so i'm here.

First of all, i want to thank 'SXC' for helping me findin all the beautiful pictures in my blog. i love this site. You have tonnes and tonnes of photos. OMG!
Thanks SXC!

Now, its celebration time...
Candle lights....

Cocktails... :D

Lil bit of fireworks...

n finally, THANKS!
Love you all... :D

cOwArD, wHo? mE? nAa... :P

Some time in the year 2000...
i was busily preparing for the exams sitting inside my room. time was around 11 PM i guess. i was concentrating on the book so heavily that i dint even notice wat was happenin around me. i was sitting near the window and the window was opened.

i jumped off from my seat screamin when i saw some guy standing near the window outside.
"WHO ARE YOU?" i shouted
"Who are you?" was his reply.

WTF? He is the one who was a stranger there and how dare he asked Who i am?
"THIEF! THIEF!" i shouted. He started to running! Ogh...
i dono if i was outa my mind then. i started running too behind him. Ofcos, i had company. We ran and ran and we reached a narrow path. Its was way to short in width for only a bicycle could go thru it. We were so excited for chasin a thief. But suddenly he stopped running and turned back.
Oops! Why the hell did he stop? He was supposed to be running until we hunt him down. :D we dint take any risk and we stopped chasing him and ran back for our life. khe khe khe... "He was having a knife"
"He was having some weapon" - we had tonnes of reason to justify our cowardliness.

But still that incident remains in my mind jus as such. The day i saw a thief in real!

Friday, September 11, 2009

oN aNd On AnD oN...

when i was in school, i wanted to join college.
when i was in college, i wanted to find a job.
when i found a job, i wanted to quit and find another job.
when i found another job, i wanted more money.
when i earned more money, i wanted to get married.
when i got married, i wanted a kid.
when i got a kids, my expenses grew.
when i controlled my expenses, 'he' reached the age to go to school.
when he joined school, i wanted him to join college.
when he joined college, i wanted him to get a job soon, so that he could take some of my responsibilities.
when he got a job, he wanted more money.
when he earned more money, he wanted to get married to the gal he loved.
and on and on and on...
where did all my money go?
for whom was i livin for?
all i earned, i spent for the one i loved.

is this life?

PS: This is, for sure, not from my experience. I'm not married and so i got no wife n kids...but still, where is my money? :D
khe khe khe...

Photo Credit: Harrison Keely / Image

LoVe tHySeLf...

Frank Szymanski, a Notre Dame Football player in the 1940s, had been called as a witness in a civil suit. "Are you on the Notre Dame Football team this year" the Judge asked. "Yes, your Honor."
"What position?"
"Center, Your Honor."
"How good a center?"
Szymanski squirmed in his seat, but said firmly: "Sir, I'm the best center Notre Dame has ever had."
Coach Frank Leahy, who was in the courtroom, was surprised. Szymanski always had been modest and unassuming. So when the proceedings were over, he took Szymanski aside and asked why he had made such a statement. Szymanski blushed.
"I hated to do it, Coach," he said. "But, after all, I was under oath.”

Source: Chicken Soup for the Soul

aRe aLL giRLs LiKe tHiS..?

Please DO NO read further if you are easily offended!

Some time in 2002!
Me and Z!
Z, she was a very good friend of mine. Bestest friend, if there is such a word. We used to get senti when we talked about each other's marriage. i desperately dint wanna mis her. neither did she. But we were meant to be separated. She had to get married and me too. The only worrying thought was abt friendship after marriage.

February 15 2007!
Alas! the day arrived. She got married to some guy. She called me in the evening. My voice was shivering. i dint want to miss her from my life. i loved her a lot. i still remember that day, the day i cried like a kid. i dint even cry when my sister was leaving home after her marriage. But i couldnt suffer this one. She was a part of me. She asked me not to cry and said she would definitely call me and our friendship is not gonna end.Not in this life. i felt so happy hearin those sweet words. i talked to her hubby for sometime too. She had told him about me and she was damn sure that we could at least say hi bye often.

September 11 2009 01:13 AM

i sit here in front of my laptop, writing this blog. Z, she has never ever called me since then. Its been more than 2 years. She stopped everythin just like tat.

Are all girls like this??? Dont they need friends after marriage? Girls get over thier emotions very soon. i dono how on earth are they able to take things so easily? These stupid guys keep thinkin of them and waste their precious time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

wiLL yoU fOrGiVe mE? :((

i get jealous when i see you talkin to others. i feel y am i not so lucky to be one of your friend. i was so nervous when i talked to you for the first time. i still have those mails i sent you. But for some (obvious) reasons, you started to avoiding me.

i felt happy when i wished you on your bday at 12 o'clock. i had bought bday cards and also wrote a letter months earlier. But i dint get a chance to give it to you. i waited for my bday to hear you wishin me. But you dint. U dint, even when i said it was my bday. i dint want bday cards, gifts but jus a 'Happy B'day'. i know you are being honest. i respect you, and your feelings. it was my mistake.

But, did i do such a mistake that can never be forgiven?

Photo Credit: Ann- Kathrin Rehse / Image


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