Friday, July 15, 2011


No matter how close two people are, an infinite distance separates them.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

idea is good. but nose is mine.

I still remember the incident for it was the first time I played cricket with a stitch ball. I was fielding very close to the batsman and I was obviously nervous. And then, out of the blue, the ball hit my face. I turned around and fell down. I could not see anything for a few seconds.

I stood up and touched my cheeks. I could not even feel my cheeks. I felt something wet on my fingers. Blood! From my nose. I was breathing blood.

I ran to my room and stared into the mirror. No, nothing has happened except blood was flowing as if I opened a water tap. My friends took me to a doctor and luckily there was no bone injury. I was happy that I was breathing air with the same nose.

Its only next day that I noticed. My nose has bent a little. To the right or left, I don't remember. But I was certain that my nose was not in proper condition as it was two days before. I could feel a small 'hump' on my nose. I convinced myself of having a 'crooked nose'.

I had to get rid of it. Desperately. And then it striked me.

I took a small hammer. And I felt stupid of the idea of hitting my nose with a hammer to set it straight. It was not that stupid as long as no one is watching me. I patted my nose a couple of times staring into the mirror but it didn't help. I needed support - support for my nose, I mean.

I supported my nose on the edge of a table and I patted again. No. Not working. Okay. Last try. I hit my nose hard. Just once. And I went blind.

Wow! I felt I'm the stupidest person alive on the planet.

Photo Credit: Lars Sundstrom / Image / Website


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