Tuesday, November 16, 2010

over n' out.

I still remember the phone call I received from my friend around 3 years ago. I remember not because of the importance of the subject we were into, but because of the way he ended it. You may wonder why I'm writing about that now. Nothing serious. Just wanted to make a note of the incident. At least it was a not-so-pleasant phone call.
Yesterday when I came to bed, I was just thinking about how our professions affect our everyday life. There are some people who deliberately want to 'show' the effects and others who don't. My friend falls on the former category.
'Over and Out! That is what he said that day. I hope you all know who uses these words. Aviators or Pilots! Just because he was doing the 'Piloting' course. He is such an a**. He is so dumb that he doesn't understand even people around him detest him.
I was wondering, if that was the case, what would I, being a software engineer, be using? I thought about the logic my so-dumb-of-a-human friend used. Over and Out - to end their conversation or whatever they call it. In my case, we write programs or codes. I must be using 'Return 0' (read zero) or an 'Exit 0' (read zero). Just think how funny it would be if I use that instead of a 'bye'. Someone might be writing a similar post in their blog.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

you have got to be rude at times.

My email to Odyssey


I regret to say that I'm completely disappointed by your customer service. I had purchased a book online around 9 days back. And I'm yet to receive the book. It shows 'yet to deliver' and Shipped date is left blank when I checked in the Odyssey Website. During the time of purchase, the book was supposed to get delivered within 6 days.

I once again want to say that I'm very much disappointed by Odyssey and I made a mistake purchasing book thru Odyssey. This will be my first and last purchase. I just lost my Rs.330.

FYI, I even wrote a blog post about my experience with Odyssey. I just wanted to pass my experience with my friends too, so that they wont make the same mistake.

Thanks a lot for your services.

If you really mean to 'care' (as in your email id) your customers, please do respond with the status. Thanks a lot.

Hoping you would reply before the world ends.
Anoop KR


Odyssey's reply

Dear Sir,

First, we sincerely apologize for the delay.

We are extremely regretted for having you write a mail to us on letting you disappointed. We are making all our efforts to procure the book "THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD". We are keeping it on priority, once the book is available with us probably by Tuesday(9th Nov), we will ship it to your address immediately.

We will keep you updated on Monday on the availability of the book.

Thanks & regards,

Customer Care

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

say no to Odyssey

If you ever happen to purchase books online, please do say 'NO' to Odyssey. I have had my first and last experience with Odyssey. They have a very surprising website and all that stuff. When it comes to Customer Care or Customer Satisfaction, its a big ZERO.

I happened to read about the book here and here. I felt it interesting and I decided to buy it. I checked the price in Landmark website. Oops, very expensive. I dont know if they make books with plastic-coated papers. Then I checked it in Odyssey website. The price was reasonable compared to that of Landmark. I decided to buy it. I read a note which said 'Shipped in 5-6 working days'. Believe me, I bought the book two weeks back and still I havent received it.

When I checked my account in their website, it says 'yet to deliver'. OK. I thought I would send an email to them about my order status. I did twice. No reply. I telephoned them. FUCK! Its always number-busy. After trying for half hour, it began to ring. No answer.

Odyssey Sucks! I would better go for Flipkart. I have purchased around 10 books through Flipkart. Not even once I have had a bad opinion about them. They say 3 days and deliver it in 2 days.

Some lessons come with a price tag. With Odyssey, I paid Rs.330 to learn it.


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