Thursday, July 15, 2010

in US.

I never in my life thought I would be in US some day. I always wanted to be in US when I see movies, the big buildings, ultra luxury cars and all that. Now that I'm here, I dont wanna be here even for a day. First reason - food!

First Rule: If you are a 'Veggie', US is not your place. Not that I'm a veggie but here they dont have a concept of Vegetarian. There is a special kind. 'Chicketarian - those who eat chicken alone' khe khe khe...

There are a few things which I 'found' about this place.
1. Technology - you can see the impact of technology almost everywhere in US. Even inside your bathroom.
2. People are 'huge' here not cuz they are healthy but cuz they are 'fat'. They eat chicken or turkey or beef or french fries all the time. ALL THE TIME!
3. I guess you can never find water in its 'normal' temperature. Cold is soooooo cold and hot is soooo hot (even inside the bathroom).
4. Side-walks on the road are so neat - cuz there are no people who walk. You cant live here without a car.
5. Guy who has a car is richer than the guy who has a BMW. That sounds crazy but its true. Maybe he who has a Rolls Royce is rich but not any other model.
6. You can get a car for $6000. You cant think of a bike unless you have at least $25,000.

Some pictures I clicked! May not be good... :D

This was taken at 7 PM!!!

PS: Blah blah blaaahh....


Anonymous said...

first of all congrats for beinbg in US ! its everybodys dream to be in US and not all realize it like you !! So be :)and yeah , since you are going to be be there for quite a few more days ,make the best of time there so that next time you are back ni India , whenever , to whomsosever you relate to exp , that makes you smile :) tc n wish you happy times ahead :)

Urvashi said...

the pics r lovely..all cars n bridges n highways...... :) :) n its so bright at 7 pm too..??? seems a bit strange.. .

Hope u njoy ur stay there..hv a gr8 time.TC. :) :)


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