Tuesday, August 24, 2010

use all your fingers.

I started to developing the interest of typing-without-looking-at-the-keyboard. It has always been a mystery for me when I see someone typing so fast hovering their fingers over the keyboard. And I found out how ;) khe khe khe... Secret is to 'Learn Typing'! So, for those who are interested, please do not waste your time downloading some stupid software.

Check this out - http://www.typingweb.com/

I hope it helps! Happy typing!

Photo Credit: Benjamin Earwicker / Image / Website


Urvashi said...

ohh wow..typing quickly without any errors.. I will surely try it cos i jumble up a lot of words and even spellings while typing in chats... Otherwise at work, I am careful...!!! :P

Have u mastered this art of typing without looking at the keys??

TC :)

Anoop said...

no... m workin on it.. :D


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