Friday, August 27, 2010

voting format is 'PFL ANOOP'

OK. This is the era of reality shows. This post is not about reality shows if you are confused about the title. These days 'SMS voting' has become very common and people spend a lot of money to vote for their favorite candidates.

I'm not a candidate here. I'm not going to dance or sing or cook but plead. PFL! (Pleading For Life)

I'm on a very important mission. D-Day is September 1 2010. I have 5 days. And I have to make the decision of my life. I need your prayers.

So, please vote for me. Voting format is 'PFL ANOOP'.



Anonymous said...

Number to vote on ?? :P

Anoop said...

send an email.. :D

oops..dont u know my number??? :O :D

Anonymous said...

i do :D:D:D


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