Thursday, August 19, 2010

best friend's engagement.

I will tell you a story.

Two friends, one boy and a girl (lets say Hari and Veena). They met 7 years ago. They were so close that they could not even think of a day without talking to each other. They loved each other a lot. Really a lot. One fine day, she told her friend that her office-mate (Rahul) proposed her. It was kind of hard for her friend. Not because he loved her but he was so possessive about her. He could spare anything in this world, but not her and her love. He wanted all of it.

They fought a lot because of her office mate for that guy used to call or message her. One day Hari received a text message addressed to Rahul. Hari was shocked to see the message for that was not a 'friendly' message. When Hari asked about the message, she revealed the truth that she loves him.

Hari was sad from the day Veena told about her love. Hari had no choice but to accept the facts. The number of text messages Hari received reduced exponentially. He couldn't stand the changes to their friendship. In the mean time, Hari got an opportunity to go to US. He had no contacts with Veena when he was there. He got busy. She got busy too with her love.

He came back from US to know that Veena is getting engaged. He at least thought she would let him know about her marriage. But she never did. She had 'sent-to-many' an invitation-mail. He was dumbstruck. That was not the kind of email he was expecting as her invitation. But he had no choice but to wait for her call. He was so egoistic that he did not bother to call her. He wanted Veena to call him and invite him.

He thought Veena will call her the day before her engagement. But she didn't. August 19 2010, Veena got engaged. August 30 2010, Veena will get married to Rahul. And Hari is still waiting for her call.

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