Saturday, October 9, 2010

good bangalore, bad bangalore

I've been living in Bangalore since past six months. And the only thing I hate is, obviously, the traffic conditions. I read one of the blog-post which commented about the traffic conditions in Mumbai, which made me think of writing this post.

My friends at office come from very far places compared to my office-location, near Leela Palace, Old Airport Road. One of my friends come Madiwala, which is around 6 kilometers away from my office. Another friend of mine comes from Hosur, which is in Tamil Nadu. Its definitely more that 50 kilometers away from my office. The funny thing about this is, its takes both of them one hour and half to reach home. I must say Madiwala route is extremely congested with buses, bikes and Auto-Rickshaws. It sucks.

The next thing which I hate about Bangalore is their Transportation. They have lot of "Air-Conditioned" buses. But they don't have enough buses to go to those places where people really want to go. I mean, you may get connection-buses, which means you got to get down in between and catch another bus. I had to catch 2 buses from my office to go to my place which was just 7 kilometers away. I loved Chennai for their transportation facility. You can get any buses to any place from any bus-stop.

Now, most importantly, the thing which I like in here is the "Beauty" of those girls out there. OH MY GOD! I have never been to places where I saw girls better than those I have seen here. I'm not ogling at them. I just admire their beauty. I feel I can just look at them and spend my entire life. Gosh! They are so beautiful. They wear only those dresses which suits them. OK. Let me stop talking about them. I don't want this post to be never-ending.


Urvashi said...

Awww..u troubled due to traffic??? But I'm sure the condition is better than Mumbai..

Just look at the positives of the city n enjoy yaar..!!! ;)

TC :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said... got THAT right...I don't know about the Beauty of the girls...but the Traffic here Sucks! :D Nice Post!


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