Sunday, October 24, 2010

Timeline by Michael Crichton

Time Travel and Quantum Mechanics always interested me. I have once taken a seminar on the topic 'Time Travel' when I was in college. I wanted to read 'Timeline' more than any other book when my friend told me 'Timeline' is about time-travel.

The book is really interesting. Author gives a very good picture about 'Parallel Universes' and how time travel is possible and all that. The story is about a guy, a professor, who got 'stuck' in the past and some of his students are going back to 'retrieve' him. Story doesn't actually describe how he got stuck there, though its a fact.

Scientific terms come only in a very few pages in the book. Its all about how these students survived the incidents that happened in the past and successfully brought their professor back.

All along I was thinking, why ITC (the company which invented the technology which supports time-travel) was asking these students to go 600 years back to save their professor instead of going just 2 days back and ask the professor not to enter the machine or just stop him from time-travel?

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