Saturday, October 23, 2010

this is about a girl.

They both were from the same village somewhere in North India. They studied together. Same school, same class. So they were in college too. They were in love. But they never said that to each other. He was so madly in love with her. And one fine day, he proposed her. She felt she was on top of the world. She felt they were the only living beings on the planet.

Time went by. 7 years to be more precise. She got a job meanwhile. So did he. Luck was on their side. They worked in the same BPO company, though, unfortunately, different shifts. Still they were happy together. They stayed together. They were happily-unmarried-couples. Their intentions were pure. They wanted to get married more than anything.

Sex! That's the reason why some people like the concept of love and some people hate. Sex is an essential part of life. Its always good for a long-lasting-relationship. How about sex before marriage? Not all but few appreciate it. They belonged to those 'few'. We all know where sex-before-marriage leads. Of Course, Abortion!

He did not mean to cheat. And he never did. They were not in a position to get married at the time and raise a child. Their parents never knew about this. Though they knew about their affair and were fully supportive. They were happy again.

Until she met new-him.

Maybe the 'city culture' changed her, or her friends in BPO industry changed her, or maybe 'new-he' was so charming. As a matter of fact, he really was. 6 feet 2, heavily-built, sexy looks. Old-he never knew she was going out with him. Old-he was still under the impression that she still loved him. Until the day arrived.

New-he came to Old-he's house with her and hit him so badly with a hockey stick and warned him not to bother her. The sad part, which I felt, is the-ugly-fucking-whore was right in front of him when he was hitting him.

He was unconscious and his friends took him to the hospital. When he had enough strength to move his tongue, he asked for her. All he wanted to know is the reason why she left him. At least they loved each other for 7+ years.

PS: This is based on a real story.


Anonymous said...

Omg ..this was really ..Well I dont wana use bad words , but sadly , this does happens .. I pray for dat old-he to accept reality , and move on in life , and as for dat gal , well , the lesser said the better ... If you are a close friend of old-he , just be with him , coz he vl nd u badly ryt nw ...

Anoop KR said...

no..he isnt my frnd... but my frnd's frnd...

Pooja... said...

:( I don't like sad love stories...simply no nos

Anoop KR said...

hmmmmmmmmm...even i dont like..but tat happens at times...u see


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