Thursday, February 24, 2011

yes, i'm from kerala n its a land of coconut trees. omg.

I've been hearing the same question from day 1. I'm done answering their stupid questions. YES! I'm from Kerala and its a land of coconut trees.

You use coconut in every dish you make? NO!

You drink coconut water? YES!

So coconuts might be very cheap in Kerala, isn't it? NO! Not so cheap. Rs.10/coconut

You eat rice with your hands :O? YES!

I've been to Koocheen. I liked the people there. They have lot of respect for others. Its not Koocheen ma'am. Its Cochin.

Hey, isn't that funny you have something like lemon-rice, sambar-rice, curd-rice in Kerala? No, not so funny like alu-paratha, chana-paratha, gobi-paratha in Delhi.

and the list goes on and on and on.

But you know what? I liked the people here. They are so friendly and all that. And I'm so very surprised that I cant find a single guy (at least my friends here) who haven't f**ked at least once. Really. I'm not joking. And they are so open about it. :|

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S said...

hahahhahahaha :)
i liked the list!
and u found delhites friendly? wait till u discover they are mean and selfish too :D huuuuhaaahahahahahhaa :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said... glad you still like us :P
well, if it makes you feel any good, i love kerala, been there twice,and i am in love with place.Lemon rice, curd rice, sambhar rice..i love them all..i wish we some pure authentic kind south indian restro's here =/
My mom's does okay with it, but then..there's always scope :P

I am paratha freak too, best i have had till date is, Nimbu Paratha, from Parathe wali gaali, chandni chawk :D
Try them :D

Anoop KR said...

i dont know if they r selfish..cuz i havent got close enough to ppl here..

u kno how ppl behav in offis.. jus hi-bye... they they r frank.. :D
n gals r so beautiful here.. ;) khe khe..

Anoop KR said...

u liked kerala? wow tats good.. :)
n yes i liked ppl here..n i dint like paratha to b frank.. u know its so thick.. :( it takes a lot of time to eat it.. :|


Pooja... said...

Well Delhites are proud of all they do...nothing to hide, everything to brag...and unless you've done it, how would u compete with your western counterparts...see, they are motivating and encouraging u ;)

Anoop KR said...

motivatin n encouragin me in doin wat?? :O omg

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

hahahahaha..thick and huge too :P
And home is after all home, you'll never feel the same for delhi, but this is a fairly good place to live. :D
I can motivate & encourage you, if you want :P
Pay check and new post might have done some work already :P

Anoop said...

hey bhrgavi... i dont mind little bit of motivation n help.. ;)

n yes this place is nice..its jus tat i cant get used to it.. :D


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