Sunday, February 6, 2011

he is no better than me.

I think its human behavior to compare someone with someone else. Parents do compare their kid with their neighbor's kid. Husband compares his wife with his friend's. And very few of them compare his ex-girl-friend's husband with himself. That's not a strange thing or so I believe. The reason why I'm saying this right now is, I also compared myself with someone else.

She hates people who smoke or so she told me. I was little worried when I heard the news that she is going to get married. One side of my mind hated her to the core for she left me. But the other side of my mind wanted her to get settled and live happily. I'm not that cruel, you see.

Few days back, I saw him smoking cigarette. You dont know how happy I felt when I saw him smoking. I at least have one good quality when compared to him.

PS: Deep inside, I'm jealous of him.

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Sunakshi said...

Way to go.thought provoking post.yes,indeed its a human tendency to compare and nothing can replace don't smoke?nice..!you'll live healthy. :D

Ana said...

Ouch. That was painful.

An Ordinary Gal said...

I am jealous of someone too..

Thanks for commenting on my posts and correcting me. It is nice to read ur views :)

Anoop KR said...

sunakshi... :D
hmm i dont smoke.. :D

was that painful?? m sorry.. :)

hey u jealous too?? mayb we shud write a post abt jealousy...wat? :D ;)

Neeha said...

I am seriously not understanding what to comment.
Should I tell you that you are better than him or should I tell you that don't be happy that you are better & stop being jealous?
What happens is for our best.So don't worry buddy.

I don't prefer smoking,I guess drinking is better than that.Though I am not sure.I hate both the smells ofcours.

I liked the first para,comparing with ex-gf's-hubby.Heeeeee!It happens,I am sure

Anoop KR said...

hey neeha... :)
i jus cant stop being jealous u know.. :( though i hate her now... :D

thanks for likin my post.. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha...wicked! ;)

Anoop KR said...

wicked????? :O y????? :(

Pooja... said...

Well...that's what I'm warned by many too...I mean I can't stand someone smoking and drinking...and dats a mandatory requirement for a guy...but then there r friends around me...u assure me that I'll b the first one to fall with someone who does either if not both of can just say I've my fingers crossed :-|

As for jealousy, I probably do understand that part a lil too well :)

Anoop KR said...

hmmmm...tats good pooja..tat u hate who smoke n drink.. :D

n u know very wel abt the jealousy part????? eh eh?? khe khe... tats good... ;)


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