Sunday, January 30, 2011

tata photon plus - 'unlimited plan' sucks.

Hi Reader (if someone is reading :D),

If you have any plan to change your current Tata Photon Plus plan to an 'Unlimited Usage' plan, please dont. It sucks.

I feel its better to choose a time-based or data-based plan depending on your usage. But, please please please, dont go for an unlimited plan. They say they provide 3.1 Mbps speed upto 10 GB (changes depending on the plan you choose) and rest will be around 155 Kbps.

Though they say all this, I have never seen the 'speed touching even 100 Kbps, ever since I changed the plan. When I was using the time-based plan (monthly rental of Rs. 950), I could see the speeds upto 2.5 Mbps.

So people, shed Tata Photon Unlimited or go for BSNL. I really dont believe its me suggesting to opt for BSNL broadband. My previous experience with BSNL was way too bad but now I must say I'm more than happy with BSNL.

This post is not to promote BSNL Broadband. Okay. Its upto you. I just wanted to give a heads-up before you go for Photon Plus.


S said...

What irony.. (or is it sarcasm :P) that the first post I read on this blog which is titled "My life doesn't suck anymore" is THIS ;) :D

p.s: am definitely goona heed ur advice n stay away from 'unlimited plan' thanks :)

Chocolate Lover said...

heyyyyyyyy xD haha well i'm not supposed to be here right now.. haha (hv got exams on tuesday) V_V

but still haha.. i use BSNL broad band lol and i love the way "my life sucks big time" changed to "my life doesn't suck anymore" :D :D :D

Anoop KR said...

@S: tats better... stay away from photon... it really sucs..! it took hours for me to jus open this comment window :\

@Choco: hey choco... u r alive huh? exams??? :O go study then.. :P
n hey thanks for likin the change.. :D

Neeha said...

Hey plz don't tell me,you did not enjoy reading ..'STRANGER IN THE MIRROR'..
If you ask me what your fav buk..
I will be in dilemma,but I am sure this buk is going to be on the list.

Yeah,these phone plans really suck.
Need to agree.

Neeha said...

View my blog,You have an award:)

Anoop KR said...

hehe..neeha..dont b in dilemma..ok..i wont ask u which is ur fav book.. :D

n hey..thank u so much for the award.. :D

Prashant said...

totally agree with you. Photon+ download speed varies from 2kbps to 40 kbps (seldom). Also most of the time their service is disconnected or too slow to even open a page.
I too got trapped in Photon+ because of Tata's reputation but Photon has completely changed my view regarding their business practices and honesty.

Prospecting buyers should beware of photon+ and should look at 3g service provider. I am also going to try MTNL 3g which I suppose should be better than Photon+

vk said...

I have a tata photon plus connection TATA Indicom number 9204758253. I have been using it since summer of 2010 and since then had some issue or the other! I am a civil engineer by profession and have to keep on traveling places. Right now I am working at rajahmundry. The main tragedy is that even though i have taken tata photon plus, the speed i get is very very slow! and moreover the plans are also not that good in tata photon plus! my room mates and friends who have taken reliance netconnect or BSNL 3G are experiencing a real nice time downloading and surfing net! I just wonder if i will ever be able to enjoy such benefits with tata photon plus! So I have finally decided that i should switch to some other better service provider. I would like to know if i can get any refund of the tata photon plus device i had bought for 2399.


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