Sunday, June 9, 2013


I got hit. There were 4 terrorists around me and I saw only one. I was standing on a brick-wall hoping to see all of them and pin them down with my new CV-47 sniper. I didn’t last for more than 2 minutes. Fuck Policemen. I swore. I had enough of these policemen. I will be a terrorist next time. I think, loading a new game of Counter-Strike.

I’m not supposed to play this game, or any game for that matter, in office. It had happened to me once. I was playing Bubble-shoot – a stupid silly game where many water bubbles pops up randomly on the screen and I need to click on them to shoot them. I didn’t notice this CCD guy watching from behind. I sit in the extreme far end cubicle in our floor and never thought anyone will ever notice. Can you believe it? He actually waited for the game to get over and he noted my employee ID and sent a screenshot of the game to his email. I’ve been a little conscious, both on the game and the surroundings, since then.

Next day, I see a new face. He was sitting almost 5 feet away from me. He doesn’t have a PC. What will he do without a PC? I wonder. I’m bored to death with a PC. I pity him. 

Hi. I say.
Hi. He smiles showing his smoke-stained teeth. 

Being in bench for more than 3 months gave me enough time to collect so many videos. I was laughing my ass off watching a kid’s expression after tasting a lemon. I don’t remember how many times I have watched this video but it shakes me head to toe. It took me a while to get myself together and to notice another pair of eyes looking at my PC. He, Dinesh (I saw his name), was laughing too. He was looking at my monitor. I asked Dinesh if he wanted to listen to some songs. He covered his wide-open mouth with his palm as if I asked him to take poison. 

I felt pity for him. I showed him more funny videos. He seemed to enjoy each and every video, but always taking extra care not to make a sound even when he wanted to laugh out loud. I finally started to watch him for signs to know if anyone’s around who I should be careful about for he used to stiffen himself for even the slightest creak of a chair.

I’m not sure how many days had passed before I got a message from some guy asking me to send my resume. I was happy that at last I was to get into a project. I was excited about this - new people, new manager, new building and new cubicle. 

I thought about Dinesh. I’m not sure when will he get a PC or if ever, he will get one. He got to meet few other people near my cubicle. I can see him smiling at few others too, with the same sincerity he used to smile at me. He will be fine. He is making friends. I think.

I tell him my cubicle got shifted to Building X. I point my finger to the monitor and gesture no more videos. He shook his head as acceptance to my departure. He keeps smiling. I wonder if those moments meant anything to him for I’m sure he will never re-live those moments.  

When I walk away with my notepad and a few printouts, I hear someone calling out for security. I turn around to see Dinesh talking to him. 

Security - I will never call him that. I think. 

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Alcina said...

Wow ninu this is such a good post.Real life?


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