Thursday, June 6, 2013

who loves who.

They were walking in the park looking at the mothers waiting for their children playing. Some of them were shouting at their kids, some running behind them, and some cursing their husbands.
“It’s nice, isn’t it? The kids and the mothers running behind them?” I say.
“Fathers running behind would look better.” She teased.
“I’m not gonna run behind my kids. I’ll let them be.” I say staring at her eyes.
She had something special about her - the cut on her lips? I wanted to kiss her right then and there. She was breathtakingly gorgeous. I felt jealous of her friends, colleagues, everyone who spends more time with her than I do. I wanted to kill them all. The sight of her makes me go crazy. Her hair, black mole just below her lips…everything about her was perfect. My hold on her hands tightened and so did hers, to reciprocate.
“Viju, what are you doing? There are people around. Can’t you see?” She says, shocking for the fact what I was trying to do in a public place. She cursed removing herself from my possession.
I was not sorry and I almost had my hand around her trying pulling her close.

I'm going to meet her after 2 weeks. She had gone home to meet her sister who had come from Germany.
I left office, my work half completed. I just could not wait to see her, to take her in my arms, to listen to her voice, to hug, to ki-
“SHAAAAN” someone called out, breaking my reverie. It was Gowri. She is my HR and we have been friends for as long as I have been in the company. She was my recruiter and that’s how it all started. She was a tall, thin and stout girl with big eyes and a cleft upper lip which actually added to her sex-appeal. Honestly, I'm jealous of her boyfriend.
It was well past 8 when I reached the beach after dropping Gowri at her apartment. We, Som and I, had already agreed to meet there. She stays close to the beach. I occupied a seat near the ice-cream parlor which let me have a view of the entrance. I laughed at myself at the logic for it was already dark and difficult to identify someone sitting right next to me.
There she was. Soumya was waving her hands at me smiling. Beautiful. We started walking towards the shore with our hands together, fingers entwining. The scent of her made me crazy. I held her hands tight.
“Ehh??” She says, never turning her face but I could feel the naughtiness in her eyes. I shied away. I always felt she had more courage to face or even tell about her bodily urges. I let go of her hand and put my hand around her waist pulling her close.

I could see him through the stripes on the glass door.
Wanna join? I had just texted him and seems he haven’t noticed. He continued working, intermittently glancing at his monitor.
My phone beeped. y shud I? does it hv nythin 2 do with me?
y wudnt u, Shaanuu? ;) I reply.
“Hey” he says poking his head through the door.
I wave him inside. I could use some help in creating some reports for the project Shan is working on. And this wasn’t the first time I was asking him to join me for help.
He sat next to me. The cube felt colder than usual. I rubbed my hands together. I couldn’t help but think of the texts we used to exchange. I loved talking to him. His voice...was manly. My legs were shivering. It always did, before moments like this. My eyes scattered through the stripes on the glass door to see if anybody was on the vicinity.
“Mm?” I said, turning, eyes inquisitive, and cleft-lip partially open. That was the catch. That turned him on. It always did. Maybe I knew, I knew what he was about to do for I didn’t make a sound when he let his hand wrap around my back and pulled me close.

“Sorry Viju. Shan got an urgent call from home and he had to leave. That’s why I called you.” I say, sitting on his bike, hands on his shoulders.
“Som, don’t be. You know better than that.” Vijay winks.
“What’s happening with your neighbor by the way? Any updates? Will the love-birds finally unite?” I tease.
“Unite we will. May not be in its perfect sense though.”
“Ah, fuck you, Viju. You never think straight, huh? I think she is a nice girl.”
“She’s nice? She’s perfect and boiling hot. And we met yesterday in the park.”
I pinched him. We had almost reached my place by then. I got down from his bike.
“Than me?” I say, touching his hand.
“Oh. Not as much. You are next-to-perfect. Gowri’s just perfect - she has a cleft-lip.” He says, his hand lingering on my waist, pulling me closer.


Urvashi said...

After so long....!!!!But this was a nice one...with an apt title..!!! ;)

Alcina said...

OOhhh..So very intricately woven..I took time reading and understanding this.Finally your pen has worked and it is so good doing its work ;) :)

Anoop said...

Hehe.. Thank u thank u urvashi.. :-D
I actually saw this "grabbing" thing happening near my home n then I got the idea to write something.. :-)

Anoop said...

Thanks a lot Tri... :-)


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