Friday, September 28, 2012

light of heaven and i'm so happy.

I never knew about the importance of giving credits to the photographers when we are using their photos on our blogs or websites until my sister told me about it. Since then I've been crediting photographers of every single picture I'm using on my blog. 

I used to wonder how that really matters - pictures are free anyway. At least those we find in SXC. And now, I stopped wondering. Guess what? Few days ago I received an email from one Mr. Kevin Petrie asking me permission if he can use my photo. I've no words to explain how happy I was. I replied saying he can use my photo and also asked if he can send me the link of the final work though I didn't expect it.

And here he comes with the link. Light of Heaven - I didn't get a chance to listen to the full song for its not free. Just heard the preview and its wonderful. And I took that picture - top left - the candlelight. It's the same picture for this blog.

I'm so happy that my photo was of some use to someone somewhere in this world. It's more like an inspiration for me to take more photos. I'm loving my camera. I started uploading my pics in SXC and even they have an approval process. I uploaded around 30 pictures and only 7 got approved. They give me a feeling that whichever photo gets approved are good.

You can download them and comment if you like it. The profile is here and my gallery is here.

PS: No photo credit for this blog for I'm the owner of this photo.

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