Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'm not 18. please.

Situation 1: with friends
I called my friends to invite them for my engagement. I text them too. And 99% of my friends are surprised to hear that I'm getting engaged so soon. They ask if 'Child Marriage' is still on at my place. WTF :|

Situation 2: office
My manager came to my cubicle and asked my colleague if he had any problem to go to US. She looked at me and said I obviously wont have any problem cuz I'm not married. I was like shocked to hear that. I told my manager that I'll get committed soon. She looked at me with her mouth opened. She asked 'How old am I?'

OK. Everyone wanna hear they look so young. But not me. I sometimes get so irritated to accept the fact that I look so young though I'm 26. I dont grow much of beard or mustache. Lot of people used to tease me for that. I reply to them asking to think about how they look after 10 years.

I use Santoor soap BTW. I'm feeling so lucky. khe khe khe...


♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

LOLOLOLOL hahahahahaha! XDDDD
geeeeez :P haha! Child marriage!! xP

well congratulations for you engagement xDD - Explore Indian blogs said...

Enjoy youth as long as you can... and you are the lucky few who can enjoy it for a longer time ... :-)

Anoop said...

don laugh Chocolate lover :(
n thanks for the wishes :D

clipped in
yes i m enjoyin it... hehe... go no other choice.. :D

Sunakshi said...

LOL few days back i turned 19..i was amused to know that people still consider me some 14-15 year kid.i am the subject of tease many a times its irritating,but other times,i take it in good way. :D i still look like a kid,and i won't mind if it continued for few more years. hehehehe

Sunakshi said...

Congratulations for throw a party on blogosphere hehehe

Anoop said...

haha... party???? hmmmmmmmmmmmm...wil think abt it.. khe khe khe... :D


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