Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the lazy me.

Will someone believe if I tell you that whatever I have written in this blog were just stories and not even a word were true? No. Nobody will trust that. But I'm in a situation to hide my blog. I wish if my blog went invisible. khe khe khe...

Dont be afraid, OK? I'm not into any terrorism or something like that. Say around a year back, one of my friend's marriage got dropped just cuz of a scrap from one of her friend. I was wondering what was there in that scrap for that matter? Hmmm.. whatever!

I'm in Bengaluru now. I dont get to update my blogs very often. I must say I'm least interested to write blogs these days. No much of work in office. Its the same since 3 yrs. I'm way too lazy than I were 3 yrs before.

Okay. Blog updated. My laziness is working. Let me stop. Would come up with some interesting topic soon. Meanwhile please pray for my blog to turn invisible before 'she' see this. khe khe khe.. I must be so courageous to write like this in here. Maybe after a year or so, I would be the one again updating my blog saying about the fights I had with her cuz of my blog. ;)

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Anonymous said...

When were you ever active ? :P;)heheheeh..but its really gud to see those khe khe back :D.Well ur losing int in blog , means intd onto smthng fishy ? i mean mariage :P;)heheheeh..and all ur posts are so nyc ..dnt think of making them invisible or even del them ..maybe you can chane the name :P to make sure that future "wars" dnt take place :P Pls dont del ths blog whatsoever *serious* becoz this is one place where when you grow old ( which you are already half way thru :P), you will read them and smile ..and allefforts to preserve it , will be worth it ! ..Whoa..watta long comment :P tc :)

Urvashi said... all i can say... ;) :)

Anonymous said...

hey U r back that's gud keep blogging..
khe khe....


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