Tuesday, November 16, 2010

over n' out.

I still remember the phone call I received from my friend around 3 years ago. I remember not because of the importance of the subject we were into, but because of the way he ended it. You may wonder why I'm writing about that now. Nothing serious. Just wanted to make a note of the incident. At least it was a not-so-pleasant phone call.
Yesterday when I came to bed, I was just thinking about how our professions affect our everyday life. There are some people who deliberately want to 'show' the effects and others who don't. My friend falls on the former category.
'Over and Out! That is what he said that day. I hope you all know who uses these words. Aviators or Pilots! Just because he was doing the 'Piloting' course. He is such an a**. He is so dumb that he doesn't understand even people around him detest him.
I was wondering, if that was the case, what would I, being a software engineer, be using? I thought about the logic my so-dumb-of-a-human friend used. Over and Out - to end their conversation or whatever they call it. In my case, we write programs or codes. I must be using 'Return 0' (read zero) or an 'Exit 0' (read zero). Just think how funny it would be if I use that instead of a 'bye'. Someone might be writing a similar post in their blog.

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