Tuesday, November 2, 2010

say no to Odyssey

If you ever happen to purchase books online, please do say 'NO' to Odyssey. I have had my first and last experience with Odyssey. They have a very surprising website and all that stuff. When it comes to Customer Care or Customer Satisfaction, its a big ZERO.

I happened to read about the book here and here. I felt it interesting and I decided to buy it. I checked the price in Landmark website. Oops, very expensive. I dont know if they make books with plastic-coated papers. Then I checked it in Odyssey website. The price was reasonable compared to that of Landmark. I decided to buy it. I read a note which said 'Shipped in 5-6 working days'. Believe me, I bought the book two weeks back and still I havent received it.

When I checked my account in their website, it says 'yet to deliver'. OK. I thought I would send an email to them about my order status. I did twice. No reply. I telephoned them. FUCK! Its always number-busy. After trying for half hour, it began to ring. No answer.

Odyssey Sucks! I would better go for Flipkart. I have purchased around 10 books through Flipkart. Not even once I have had a bad opinion about them. They say 3 days and deliver it in 2 days.

Some lessons come with a price tag. With Odyssey, I paid Rs.330 to learn it.

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