Wednesday, March 3, 2010

choose wisely. live well :P

This is not 'Tele-Brands Advertisements' Okay! :D

I was having food in the cafeteria in the evening. One of my friend was saying his story of fighting with his girl-friend. Fight started with a 'photo'. This guy asked his girl to send her photo so that he can see her anytime. She refused.

'Why? I'm not gonna rape your photo!'. He said, proudly :P

Wow! What-a-dialog! Obviously no man on the planet can 'rape' a 'photo'. But the word 'rape' is the problem now. He just wanted to say something for the sake of saying something. But I guess that word is not there in her dictionary (should have checked it before buying it :D). She shouted at him and cut the call.

'Gals are dumb!' I exclaimed! But I knew what she said is also a point. Gals are sensitive to words. But its hard to guess which are those words.

Another friends who dint have a chance to speak yet came up. 'Choose words wisely. Once said, it cant be taken back.' He said.

I thought and thought and thought and said, 'So is a missed-call :P'. khe khe khe...


Aarti said...

Thats quite funny .though your friend said it jokingly , her gf took it quite seriously , dats sad!!n yeah guys do need to take care of the words they speak coz they never know whe the volcano can explode ;):P n heyyyy gals arent dumb !!! If so , then guys are more dumber to love such gals ;):D

Urvashi said... a post of urs ending wid a fav line of mine - "Khe khe khe.." :D

n yeah...girls r really sensitive wen it comes to talkin n using proper words..any gal wud feel bad to hear those words .... so guys shd be a lil careful while talkin rather than blaming girls later 4 fighting 4 stupid reasons :P
Jus my view... ok.. :)


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