Friday, March 5, 2010

this thing filters my sleep.

I hope you people can see the 'electric-plug' and an 'electric-switch' in the picture. That's the water filter fitted next to my room. For obvious reasons, I cant blame those who think that the 'switch' is for the water-filter. At first, I also felt the same.

But actually, that's for my calling-bell. So when people come to get water, press the switch thinking that the filter is switched off. There are people who come and carry water at night also. And now I can tell you how many new people take a room in my floor for that's the only water filter in my floor :| I even have a count of how many of them take water at night.

I wanted to make some marking on the switch to let people know the switch is for my calling-bell. Cuz sometimes it spoils my sleep too. I can afford taking my life, but not my sleep. Now, I'm used to it. I wait for sometime to hear the next bell. I want to make sure that there are people outside wanting to see me. :D

PS: I wanted to write this post long back. But everyday morning I will forget to take the picture but today I kept a reminder :D


Chocolate Lover said...

you have been awarded on my blog :))

Urvashi said... thts ur sleep filter... :D :D

n u hv a count tooo... great.. tell me how many.. ?? :P :P

Do something about it... :) hopin that those ppl realise tht its not the swich for d filter n u can sleep without any distrurbance.... :) :P

Pooja Menon said...

Hehe .. Good one there.. Poor u.. Why don't you put up a post-it note there warning people that the switch is actually ur calling-bell ?

Anoop said...

need to do somethin abt it pooja.. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh dats sad :( may be you were bad at numbers in your childhood days so you are reaping it now :P lolz :)

Suree said...

u can just remove the batteries from calling bell whenever u dont need someone to disturb u :P


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