Wednesday, March 31, 2010

happy birthday email...on April 1st.

It was not too tough for me to remember that email which I received 8 years back for it just had 'Happy Birthday to you on April 1st'. I was kind of shocked to read that email. I had just sent her a blank email on March 31st. She was actually my friend's girl friend ;)

I dont want to get into the story part of it. I just wanted to refresh my memories about her. She was once my very best friend. She got married and our friendship ended just like that. Our friendship would have turned 8 years old if she were with me now. Hmmm...

PS: This 'New Editor' sucks!

Photo Credit: Ulrik De Wachter / Image


Harini said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..maybe such friendships were meant to be only for short time ..n bdw y u sent her a blank email ???;):P

n hey once a friend , always a friend ..ok ??she is still ur friend yaar :)


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