Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 minutes, 20 questions, 12 right answers!

I wrote the most important exam of my life. I thought it would be really easy. My sir gave me a booklet of 100 questions out of which 20 will come for the test and I just need to get 12 answers right. No negative marking. Once entered, no going back!

The (Ultimate) Test:
Its an online exam. 1o minutes. 20 multiple-choice questions, 3 computers. 3 persons at a time. No copying. No bit of papers. Nothing! Cant think of something tougher.

The Exam Hall:
The test usually starts at 10 AM. I didnt have any plans to write the test today for they conduct test 3 days in a week. But my sir phoned me and asked me to go and attend it today hoping there wont be any rush. After all its a weekday. I went for the test at 11 AM and there were at least 25 of them waiting for the test. There is a computer in the hall where you can try the 'mock test'. I tried it a few many times. Got used to the pattern and type of questions and got ready for the test.

The Question Paper:
The computer displayed my picture, my address and whatever information I had filled in the form. Few seconds later it showed 'Hit the green button'. It was not difficult for me to find the green button for there were only three 'keys' visible. I answered the first one and got it right. I felt it easy. Further on, it became tougher. I got tensed. My fingers started shivering. I started to concentrate more. Again! Wrong answer. I've got plenty of time. But running short of questions. I got 7 right answers out of 12 I attempted. OMG! I need more questions. What the hell does this symbol mean? I havent seen symbols like that in my life. I started to guessing the answers. More wrong answers.

Somewhere Between 'The Question Paper' And 'The Result':
8 out of 15. Only 5 more questions and need 4 right answers. OMG! I have never prayed like that even during my board exams. I was thinking about the embarrassment when I get out of the hall. OK. Wrong answer again! WTF! 4 questions and I need to get all of them right. Luckily, next three questions were simple ones. 8 more minutes and one question left!

The Result:
Last question. I saw the picture of something I have never seen before and the question was to interpret the meaning of it. I chose the 3rd option. Immediately the screen displayed 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU PASSED!'

Result After The Result:
I waited for the person there for he had to stick some paper on my application form. He did whatever he had to. I got it signatured for his superior officer. And there I'm. I finally got the Leaner's Driving License! :D

If I ever happened to get the last answer wrong, I would be the first human being on the planet to fail the learner's driving license test. Also, this was the first test I ever wished if I had more questions to answer. khe khe khe...

This is the picture:

No Through Side Road


An Ordinary Gal said...

nice to know that your life does not suck anymore :)

Congratulations for passing the most difficult exam :D

Anoop KR said...

thanks riya... :D

Rajlakshmi said...

congratulations :D
i had a hard time remebering all those signs for my exam :D

Anoop KR said...

thanks rajlakshmi.. :D

Sunakshi said...

lol yup i wrote that. :P

congo btw.. :D

Neeha said...

Oh I didn't write that exam n gld that you passed.
I liked the way you penned it.
It sounded as if you are writing some CAT/GATE exam.I seriously don't know how many questions you will have in these exams,so I concluded that they are some competitive exams:)

Anoop KR said...

hehe...neeha...thanks if u liked it.. :D thanks for droppin by..... :)


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