Thursday, January 6, 2011

i wanna make a lot of money.

My life-time ambition is to buy a BMW 5 Series car at the age of 40. Now I'm 26 years old. When I think of next 14 years, I'm almost sure that I cant make 45 lakhs.

There are a lot of ways to make money.
1. Steal - illegal and easiest way
2. Inheritance - you are lucky
3. Dowry - this is the best way. No risk ;)
4. Business - you need some guts
5. Investments like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits etc - bravo!
6. Share trading - super-bravo ;) like me... :D

Share Trading is my favorite. I've been trading for quite sometime now. I can feel its the most reliable investment plan. I can say that because I know how it works. For those who think investing in shares is 'gambling', they are FOOLS. It is like pronouncing SAP (software company) as 'Saap'. It is S-A-P.

If you know about some good companies, if you are not greedy, if you have some ample money to invest, I would say share trading is the best investment. If you invest more money, you can make more profit. If you invest less money, you can make less profit.

I know about a few shares where you can invest blindly and make profit out of it. I'm not going to say which share, though. I've done a lot of research about those companies and I worked out a strategy, which is, 5 lacs, 5 years, 100 transactions and you can make 75 lacs out of it. You may feel I'm bluffing. No, I'm not. You can make even more.

But you got to find the right stock and invest at the right time.


Sunakshi said...

Nice to see you stepping on my blog after ages.hope you're doing well :)

I am not much aware of shares n all but then i guess i might be one of the future investor because of the bookish knowledge of securities law that we're compelled to study about in CS which somewhere has succeeded to grab my interest.i know theory and practical are way too different..but I'd like to try it once..lets say at 22 when I'll be a full fledged company secretary(hoping):D

Sunakshi said...

LOL sure sure..once i'll be done with my syllabus and clear my exams ;)

yeah may be coz i changed blog name. :)

Anoop KR said... the best.. :D

Sunakshi said...

Ty :)


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