Sunday, January 16, 2011

aftershave and after shave.

Let me come to the point straight.

I accidentally slipped my Gillette aftershave lotion and some of it splashed on the floor. My mom came shouting and asked me what happened.

I: I slipped the aftershave lotion.
Mom: Oh that's bad. Is it too costly?
I: No, not really.
M: I know you spend a lot these days. Who do you think you are? Kochi rajavinde kochu mono? (read: are you the grandson of Kochi Maharaja?)
I: What happened now for you to say this?
M: Why did you call the cab to go to that marriage function?
I: Mom, please...stop this.
M: If you start spending like this, you are going to suffer a lot. If you are like this now, what will happen to our expenses once we get our car?
I: Its not me who booked the car. Its Dad. Ask him.
M: What will you do after your marriage? You cant spend like this. You know, if we had spent money like what you are doing now, you wouldn't be in this place you are now.
I: I know. Now please stop this. I know you all suffered a lot. But this is 2011. And this is how people are these days.

She and I went on and on and on even after the shave. I cursed the moment I spilled the bottle.

Oh my god. Sometimes we just cant control them. Parents are always like that. They just want their kids to be happy. I can understand what they feel. But I just cant stop spending money. khe khe khe... See, I'm not wasting it. I'm spending for what I feel is useful. :|


Sunakshi said...

LOl yes it happens a lot.but then i guess somewhere they're right..still we can't ignore our needs..ryt? ;)

Anoop KR said...

mmmmmmmmmmm.... somewhere they r right...and i m not wrong too... ;)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

yup.. parents are always so..


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