Saturday, June 11, 2011

best friend can be your best enemy - 2

November 4th 2007

Kiran: How are you Asha? How’s everything going? Are you people still fighting?
Asha: Haha…hey that happens with lovers you see. Find a girlfriend for yourself. You will know.
K: Hmmm…I can understand you people are still fighting a lot. Don’t you have any plans to get married? Or do you want to get married to him?
A: Of course. I love him. I want him to marry me. He wants too.
K: You think your parents will agree?
A: My dad will agree I’m sure. No idea about mom. Let’s see.
K: Why don’t you guys think of a register marriage?
A: Hmmm…that’s the last resort.
K: Hey, I will call you in a minute.

A minute later…

K: Hey, how are you?
A: I’m fine.
K: How’s Anoop doing? Is he calling you these days?
A: He had called me before you called. He is doing good.
K: Okay. Tell me, how much do you love him?
A: I don’t know. I love him so much that I can’t think of missing him.
K: But he scolds you a lot.
A: Yes, that happens. Even I scold him a lot, if he talks to Anjali. Hehe…
K: So, are you planning for register marriage?
A: I don’t know if he will agree for that. I’m ready for anything though. I need to tell him about that...
K: Hmmm…
A: Hey, what’s that sound?
K: Oh…wait. That happens when I’m talking and charging at the same time. Don’t bother. I took it off.
A: Oh…okay. No problem. I just asked.


Alcina said...

Hmmm..i wish to read ahead..and don't you think the convo that you had published today and yesterday are good enough to engage but they make the level of guessing so low and that kills the fun of the next i mean to say that write a bit more hinting to a suspense or a twist or a curve or whatever they call it to produce the spice in a story :P


Anoop said...

this is not a suspense thriller story... :D its a jus a normal story...

no place to hav twists n turns.. :D n m not a good writer f Maithili... :D

Sunakshi said...

I'm good..just done with about ya? :D

regarding post- hahahha :P

Gowthami said...

Hmm..again u left.. without saying anything interesting..I mean to say this post is not so good as the previous one.. I think you should be thinking over the way to end this.. ofcourse not sure..If u r preared with the conclusion move towards it!

Anoop said...

m good too... :) hope ur exams went wel... :)

mmm i kno thr is nothin interestin in this conversation.. :) no i kno how its gonna end.. :D its not anythin thrillin or somethin like tat.. :D its jus a conversation..
:) thanks for comments.. :)

Pria Rao said...

nxt post plz :)

Anita :) said...

next, next, next !!

Anoop said...

m writin it..Pria..dont worry. :)

Red Handed said...

i think this kiran guy has something for the chick...or is just a born KABAB MEIN HADDI


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