Friday, June 10, 2011

best friend can be your best enemy.

Let me confess the fact that what you are about to read could (or could not) be a fiction (or a non-fiction). You are not going to believe me anyway.
Those days…

Kiran: Hey, what happened? I saw 14 missed calls from you. Is there any problem?
Asha: Yes, Anoop scolded me and he does that all the time. He is getting on my nerve these days. I don’t know what to do.
K: Hey, he loves you a lot. Don’t get worried about him.
A: I know he loves me and all that but he gets too possessive about me and I hate that.
K: Hmm… I understand. Guys usually get possessive. You know how guys are.
A: I love him. I didn’t say I don’t. It’s just that…I don’t know. You know he told me not to talk to you also. He doesn’t like my having best friends and saying everything to you.
K: Oh…I didn’t know he asked you not to talk to me also. He is fine when he talks to me.


Anoop: Hey Ash, what have you been doing all this while? I didn’t even see a single message of yours. Got busy with your friends huh?
Asha: Oh please Anoop…don’t start all over.
Anoop: So, talked to Kiran? How’s he doing?
Asha: How’s your best friend Anjali doing? No news about her lately.
Anoop: See, you don’t have to bring Anjali into this. She is my friend and mine alone. Kiran is not someone like Anjali. He is a mutual friend.
Asha: So what? Who cares? He is my BEST FRIEND. I WILL TALK TO HIM.
Anoop: Why are you shouting? Who asked you not to talk? You can. You always can. But you don’t have to tell him everything. That won’t do us any good.
Asha: I don’t think so. I can’t help it. To me, he is just like Anjali is to you.
Anoop: You can’t trust someone blindly. I know him better than you do.
Asha: Whatever.


Alcina said...

Hmmm... Possessiveness factor :P
It has always been a issue.. sometimes girl drags it to extreme points and sometimes guys :P

Well this is what makes the life full of remember later on and a mischievous smile captures your face..

Nice convo ;)

maithili said...

over? :P or is there something more coming?

Anoop said...

yea..possessivenes factor is a big thing really.. mmm i had enough of it.. :) hehehe...

yea... i think ther r 2 more parts to it... :) wil see... it depends on my writin skills.. :D hehhe

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Whoa Whoa! Possessiveness scares me! :/ Nice conversation....waiting for more....excited to know how this thing turns out to be :D

Gowthami said...

I too feel it incomplete anoop...Nice post..try writing seq ;) :)

hey u know..jus yesterday,I wrote a conversation reg possessiveness.. hmm a coincidence..
Do take time to visit mine..the theme is same but the way we executed is different..(does this sound technical? ;) )

Red Handed said...

I dont think its over it?

nd yes we wont believe you if you say its a fiction or non fiction :P

Anoop said...

hmmm.. people get possessive u kno.. :| it scares me too.... :|

hey... it has a sequel... i m jus writin it.. :D i jus wanted to kno the view of u ppl... :D n yea i read ur post.. abt possessivenes.. :) coincidence.. :D didnt i comment on it? :D

no.. its not over.. :D wil post the next part 2moro..n i kno u ppl r not goin to believe me.. :D

Sunakshi said...

I liked the caption. =D

Conclusion : Having male best friend can be a problem when boyfriend knows him more. haha

Pria Rao said...

what happened later?? **biting nails**

£arthieeee...... said...

is it complete.........??

Gowthami said...

Haha...finish it soon and publish the seq..els ppl may beat you for the suspense u left in the middle..
:) my blog?I dint get ur comment..

Anita :) said...

Wen is the next part coming?


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