Thursday, June 30, 2011

read between the lines.

'I don't have anymore pics. Honestly.'

What can the above sentence mean?


Spicy Sweet said...

Probably.. The person has no more choices ;)

Anoop said...

choices as in?? :O :P

Seashell said...

They are not photogenic! :) No Offense meant!

Spicy Sweet said...

I dont know. The above sentence can be a pun..
I don't have anymore pic(k)s. Honestly.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

You committed to one pic:) is that so ?

Red Handed said...

This is the internet chick or dude who is telling you tht he/she hav no more pics to show u.....mostly coz its not thr own pic.

Or mebbe they really do not hav their picture.

M lost!

Anoop said...

not photogenic??? hehehe.. tats not offensive..tats funny... :D

Oh okay.. i get it.. :)

committed to one pic?? wat did u mean by 'committed'? :D

wow...... :D tats completely different angle... :D n no im not talkin of the internet chick.. :P n tat internet chick was a fiction... the one who said this can b me also na? :D

Punam said...

Hmm, well simple - it is simply not the truth.. find me one person who has 'no more' pics to show. :) a bit unlikely, isn't it?

megharana said...

i don't see a reason to see between the lines. it can be the absolute reality as well!!
can't it be??... sure it can be in some cases :) :P


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