Friday, June 3, 2011

even i can write stories.

OK. Let me confess the fact that this post is a fiction.

I was getting so bored one day when I was sitting in the office – no work to do, yet a critical resource. I thought I’ll make some friends. I’ve an option to use some ‘Happy Hours’ in my office where I get to access commercial websites.

And then, I found this girl to chat with. I first sent a very casual email though I never expected a reply. Girls don’t reply to emails from strangers, you see. And then, just like I said, there was no reply. You know how guys behave when they find a girl. I sent another email, this time apologizing. Nope, she didn’t fall for that too. I underestimated this girl. I sent another email saying – even your best friends were strangers to you some day, just like I’m now.

I got a reply. And I replied and she replied and I replied and it went on and on. The first day we exchanged 28 emails. I didn’t have any bad intentions though. I knew she didn’t trust me enough as you can’t trust anyone online. Emails became continuous and then I invited her to chat. She accepted and then we chatted for hours and hours everyday. One day, I asked her mobile number and never expected she would respond the way she did. After all, it’s just a number. But it’s her mobile number. I wanted to talk to her. Desperately. I found a work-around. I gave her my number.

She got busy and we didn’t chat for a few days. One day I got a text message from an unknown number saying it was her number and she would come online after sometime. I suddenly replied saying ‘Now you trust me enough to share your mobile number, huh?’

Okay. Now, that was the start. We stopped chatting and started messaging. And then we talked. I wanted more. I wanted her to sing and she did. See, human beings are desperate. They are not happy with what they already have. Now that I got her number, I wanted to see her. And then I saw her, she saw me and blah blah blah...

I’m a dumbass when it comes to ‘flirting’. I didn’t mean to say she was an expert but we got close enough to compliment each other saying about our good qualities (if that can be called flirting). We were getting closer day by day. We wanted to chat always. I wanted her to keep in touch with me thru messages. Chatting, telephoning, emailing, flirting, possessiveness, love, like, this that… Just like you can imagine how couples would be.

But no, we haven’t proposed each other yet but we were sure that we loved each other. At least we don’t mind loving each other if not we haven’t loved each other as yet. I happened to be one of the good guys she happened to meet and after 89 thoughtful days she decided to say it first.

‘Hey, I want to tell you something so very important.’ She said.
‘What?’ I enquired.
‘Marry Me.’
‘WHAT?’ I was shocked.
‘I mean, listen to that song. It’s nice!’

PS: So, I had nothing to do for the whole day at office and the idea of making a new friend, messaging, talking, flirting tempted me to write this post. :D


Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Nice ;-)
I hope there is more to the story coming :D

£arthieeee...... said...

The way yu narrated was cooooooool...:-)
luvd it

Anoop said...

hey... long time no see... :) thanks for droppin by... :)n no.. the story is over... :D i leave the rest to readers.... :D

thanks.... :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Wow! What a story! :D :D Loved the Narration... :) :) Question: Did you say yes to the girl?? :P

Anoop said...

hehehe... hey tat was the next thing i did.... ;) :D

Red Handed said...

I suspect you young man!! I suspect you!!
This doesn't seem fictional..

On that note i repeat!

Anoop said...

you ppl shud listen to it once.. its a nice song... :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D Said yes to the song :P :P It's by Train. Isn't it? Nice Song :D

Anoop said...

hey... u suspect me for wat? :O u think tats real? :D hehe i mean..

I've one amazing ppl....n they never find out... :D

RED, i'm happy tat u think its real. i take tat as a compliment..
how was ur trip btw? :)

i dont kno..train or not.. i heard it in my frnd's mob.. n tats how i found out the ending.. :D i mean..the marry me song thing.. :D

Anita :) said...

Going by the narration, I suspect whether this is a fiction !!! ;)

Gowthami said...

Hi Anoop:

I think you have written something on this " chatting with colleagues(girl) in IT field thru emp IDS" din't you? ;) :P

Hmm..whatever it's nice :)


Alcina said...

Hehehehe.. :D :D

Aww..the boring days in office ;)
Stirs a lot inside the mind haan.. :)

Nice story....ending to marriage..Does it have a second part to it ;) ?

Anoop said...

ofcos, this is a fiction........ :)

hey so u read tat blog huh?? abt askin ID n al tat?? :D hehehe..
no no...this one is a fiction.. :)

yea... no work thot somethin naughty n wrote this... ;) :D

maithili said...

@Anoop : is this really fiction ?? ;)
The last chat was awesome! Marry me!! the song :P

Anoop said...

yes it s a fiction...

y r u ppl not believin me????? :O :((

marry me..hhehe..its really cool... :)

Spicy Sweet said...

85% of your fiction is my Real-life story. Mine was of-course more interesting with more masala though. But, the story-line matches.

Loved this post Anoop.

I liked your blog. And more so, I have a young cute devil brother whose name is Anoop!

Anoop said...

hehe.. spicy
ur real life story huh??? so u met him online?? ;) :D

thanks for likin it..n thanks for followin too..

Name Anoop is famous u see.. :D


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