Friday, August 10, 2012

every year. like clockwork.

So I’m back again. It’s been one year since I wrote anything at all. I haven’t even opened my blog for so long. Anyway, it’s my birthday again.

Another year closer to death.

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about scribbling something here. I never got anything or any topic to write about. I once asked my friend to suggest some topic to write about and she told me to write about Girl-Friends. I don’t know what she meant by just saying Girl-Friend, like, my girl-friend or girl-friends in general. Its way out of my league anyway. Also I don’t want to be reminded of things that I’m learning to forget.

I'm in Hyderabad now. It's a nice place. I always thought ‘Hyderabad? Oh My God! It’s hot there.’ But no. It’s not so hot except for summer. Singapore township is a wonderful place to stay for those who are working in Infosys. ;) But there is no place like home or home town. I can’t wait to go back to Cochin.

I’m not sure what to do next. I mean, in life. After watching Saina Nehwal winning Bronze and Kashyap’s losing in Quarter Finals, I wanted to go into Badminton. I mean I’m not a wonderful player. But I just love the game. After watching Boston Legal, I wanted to become a lawyer. After listening to Buddha Bar’s Secret love, I wanted to become a violinist. I have no idea what would become of my life. My roomies, only-2-year-experienced-and-yet-fucked-up-software-engineers, planning to go for MBA. They are tired of IT. Think of me guys. I’ve been into IT for as long as I can remember. I can’t even write with a pen properly now.

Hope something good will turn out of this, out of my life I mean.

Happy Birthday to Myself by the way.

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Ordinary Gal said...

Happy Birthday to You :)

Have a nice day ;)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Happy Birthday Stranger! :) I hope good things happen to you soon! :D :)

Red Handed said...

welcome back!! I was on and off this place too!!
so now you are a hyederabadi! i miss cochin too man!! amazing place. I spent 5 yrs of my life thr..moved back 3 mths back :(

figuring out life might take more than a lifetime!

Anoop said...

Ordinary gal..
thank u...for ur wishes.. :) 4got ur name though :(

hey.. thank u thank u.. :) good that u ppl stil keep track of my blog.. :D

i read ur blog about the matrimony thing..hehe it was good. didnt comment on it cuz i was busy editin my blog :( its been so long i feel im new to this 'new look' of blogger...n u moved back? whr r u now??

maithili said...

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear anoop, happy birthday to you :D
ITs been such a surprise to see you on blogger :)
Wish to see more of you, thats one thing you can do next in life :P Blog more!

Pooja... said...

I will just say two words..
Happy B'day!!

Anoop said...

heheyyyyy.... Maithili...
good to see u tooo...after so long.. thanks for commentin.. u ppl stil remember me eh?? good good.. how can one 4get a good writer like me ;) :D

thank u maithili for the wishes..

thank u thank u.. :)

Sunakshi said...

Belated happy birthday :)
and a welcome back too :D

Anoop said...

hey u alive eh?? good good.. :) n thank u for the wishes.. :D


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