Sunday, August 26, 2012

like moon. beautiful & beyond my reach.

Today, there is no money involved. No friends to persuade. Kavita, she is there, alone, 3 cubicles away. All I need to do is go say ‘Hi’. Still, I can’t. This time I do care. I do care what she would think of me. I do care what she would say, what she would tell her friends. I do care this time. Maybe it’s because of the fear of embarrassment, fear of failure. Or maybe it’s because I liked her.Above all, you need guts.

It was all coming back, like a flash-back – the day I had talked to someone, some stranger. “I will give 3000 rupees to whomever goes and talk to that girl sitting over there.” My manager had said pointing one in a group of girls sitting not more than 5 tables away from ours in the food court.It happened 4 years ago. I went and talked to her. I didn’t even know who that girl was. I didn’t care what she might think or what she might say. All I could think of was the money. I was dead nervous yet I managed to go talk to her. I was pretty sure that chances of seeing her again were very less.

Now, it’s different. I make up my mind one day and drop it the next moment. I feel it’s more like gardens. We plan to tend to them. We just always seem to put it off till next week. And to add to that, there is a common misconception among guys that beautiful girls doesn’t seem to share the enthusiasm of making friends with someone who’s hitting on them.

Kavita, she did look serious for I haven’t seen her smiling. Hope she isn’t arrogant. She is kind of modern by the way she dresses;Hindu for sure by her name; Non-vegetarian anddoesn’t look like a nerd. Being serious, not nerdy and being modern perfectly rules out all the possibilities of her not-being-arrogant. Guess she is single too. If not, well, let’s not talk about that. Mostly they tend to be on phone for a long time. I haven’t seen her oh phone at all, maybe once or twice. I heard she is social and jolly and really cool. I never dared to discuss her among my friends. People tend to be reserved when it comes to matters like this. I’m no different.

I knew I would talk to her one day and I did. Out of the blue! I didn’t give her a chance to talk. I was nervous and she was embarrassed I guess. I don’t expect to see her a lot and I’m sure I will save her some embarrassment if I don’t talk to her in front of her friends.

She wasn’t anything that I thought of. She isn’t serious. She looks gorgeous when she smiles. Maybe that’s the reason she smiles less. She is studious; hard-core vegetarian and die-hard religious. I got 4 wrongs out of 5. I don’t want to risk the last one.

She is like rains in Chennai – when it rains, it pours; when she talks, she’s wonderful. Otherwise, I just don’t exist at all.

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Mystical Skeptical Me said...

This was a beautiful post! Like the Moon! :) :)

Sometimes, you need to take that one step - like the Man on the Moon, it is never beyond your reach. :) :D Goodluck!!

Anoop said...

Thanks a lot MSM.... :)
Man on the moon eh??? hehe.. i loved that comment of urs... :D

Insignia said...

Good one :) Seriously, managers do that? ;-)

Anoop said...

hehe... yeah.. some managers do that.. :) n my manager..he was the best guy in my team :D


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