Saturday, August 11, 2012

Line Of Vision by David Ellis - Review

I have been reading a lot of books lately. And I just finished the book - Line of Vision by David Ellis. I thought I will soon write something about this book before I forget the details. After all I've been (wanting &) waiting for something to write on my blog.

Whenever I hear 'Legal Thrillers', I always thought of John Grisham and I never liked him. I've read a couple of books of his and hated both. So, I never wanted to read Legal Thrillers anymore. And then I started watching an English Series - Boston Legal. Its a courtroom dracomedy - combination of drama and comedy. And that's how I got back to legal thrillers, Non-Grisham books though ;)

So, Line of Vision!

Seriously guys, no words to explain. Its just wonderful and I didn't want to keep this book down until I finished it. The protagonist, Marty, is accused of murdering his lover's husband. Paul, who is Marty's lawyer, does a wonderful job in saving Marty's ass. I was so convinced that Marty will be executed but till the last chapter. Oh My God! I actually felt I was in that courtroom. 

There are sequences (very small though) in the novel where I felt a little disconnected - not disconnected actually, but I had no idea about why is he doing a few things. But those few things are really important when it comes to the end. I mean, you will feel no gaps once you finish the book. David Ellis has done a wonderful job and I'm planning to read more of his.

I will give 4/5.

PS: No offense meant to Grisham fans. Its just that I don't like his books. Also, I'm sure this review doesn't look like an actual 'Review'. I hope it conveys the message though.

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