Wednesday, August 22, 2012

embarrassed. a little.

That’s her, walking towards me. Oh God, she is beautiful. I try to look away. No. I can’t. I try to catch her eyes. She doesn't seem to notice me. She can’t miss me. No one’s around. I try to remember our first meet. It was out of the blue. She was surprised. Maybe shocked. I felt lucky in some way when she didn't take it bad. Kind of a dream come true. We did talk later. A couple of times or maybe a little more. 

I look at her. I smile.

She doesn’t.

Thank god, no one's around.

Photo Credit: Cris Watk / Image / Website


Red Handed said...

hain?? hua kya...why dint she smile??

Soumya said...

Thank god! :)

Anoop said...

no idea... :( she just didnt.. :|

yeahhh... thank god.. :D


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