Monday, August 13, 2012

i'm anything but miser.

To quote Google,
Noun: A person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible.

I wear a Tissot. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3. I have 2 Apple iPods - one Touch & one Classic. One Bang & Olufsen earphones (and many other stuffs). I bought all these with my money. I'm not boasting about myself. I've always been extravagant and will always be. Though I'm not taking any credit for that.

I rarely think about money when I want to buy something for myself or my family. I do think when I'm spending money for someone else. It's my money and I've the right to think and will continue to do so. I've never stopped spending money for them though not in the same way I spend for myself. Even so, how can that be counted for a miser? 

I'm not spending money for them the way I spend for myself and so I'm a miser? What the heck? I didn't stop spending money or I'm not saving money in any bank account or anywhere else for that matter.

Does that make me a miser? I mean, really?

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Red Handed said...

ppl call u a miser simply because you dont give in to their 'lemme make use of him' idea. stay that way!!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh, chuck the people! It's your money and you have every right to use it, the way you like it! :D

That does NOT make you a miser! :)

Anoop said...

its not abt those ppl who wanna make use of me.. its just.. u know they think im a miser..n they jus spread the word.. :\ they dont even know me properly.. :|

that really helps.. :D ;)

Sunakshi said...

Don't give a damn..carry on!If u don't feel like using apple iphone..U can pass away to me lol \m/


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