Monday, April 12, 2010

you are not her.

I never thought this would happen to me. Can people change like this within such a short period of time? Marriages happen in heaven. So where does these engagements happen? In a hospital or something? How can these people forget their friends so soon?

She used to have lot of time for me. Not now. She got engaged and time is all gone. They are on phone most of the time. Obviously, they gotta be and let them be. But at least they cant they spend a couple of minutes for their friends?

Family, friends or relatives or even God standing next to them is not a problem when they talk to the one they gonna marry. But when he or she sees a friend's message, the reply is 'Hey...ppl around me. Msg you l8r'. Irony was I had just seen her mobile on waiting for more than an hour.

I never thought this would happen to me. Its all gone. They are in a dream-world now. He is the only person visible there.

PS: I dont know. I'm done with this. I cant suffer this anymore. Even God isn't interested in my worries and how can I expect a friend to resolve this?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Anoop ..I guess you are really battling with urself , more than the outer strifes ..It does happens yaar...If you are her true friend wait for her till you she step backs into reality ..coz this period is spl for her , for she is creating some lifetime memories ..allow her to cherish it all by herself :) Who knows when you get engaged , she myt also write same like you :)

Anoop said...



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