Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i'm no good at heart.

Having hurt by someone in the past doesn't mean that you can expect some good in the future. You will be punished for all mistakes you did. It took really long time for me to understand this fact. I used to expect good things to happen in my life but I never did something good.

I hurt almost everyone who loves me. And keep loving them more and more. It was too late by the time I figured out that I was actually hurting them even more. I just thought I was loving them.

Another funny fact about me is, I keep saying what mistakes I did. And I think I eventually will escape from being punished just because I accepted my mistake. Accepting the mistake doesnt mean that I don't deserve the punishment.

I'm done. I can feel my future.


Urvashi said...

hmmm... u always get ur share of happiness... the Law of Karma says- If you love, u will get bk Love....

just wait till u recieve ur share.. :)

things which may seem like punishment are also blessings in disguise by God...

Keep smiling... where is the Khe khe khe boy of this blog..?? M missing him..ask him to b bk soon... :P :)



Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe you are right ..Acceptance of mistake doesnt mean that we can escape from punishment .BUT that doesnt mean , everything bad will happen ..Some good things do often go unnoticed .So wait for the right time , you will get your share of showers of good things also :)


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