Saturday, April 10, 2010

my first testimonial...for her.

Hmm... She is my best friend n am her best friend. i dono wat else to write about her..i hav been thinkin f writin s testimonial for her for quite sometime... :D i m glad tat got an opportunity now.. As i said b4, she s my bestest frnd n m her bestestest frnd too.. :D
we fight al the time n tats our identity... hehehe..

she means so much to me... she s sooo caring, sooo lovely, soooo cute, soooooo beautiful (gal on the planet) n m so proud to hav her in my life.. WE ARE BEST-FRIENDS-REDEFINED! We are unique and no frnds on the planet wud be like the way we are..

one day when i showed her foto to one f my frnd, she said 'hey she looks like an angel' she was absolutely wrong. i corrected her.. she IS an angel... lil angel!

love u really lots di... tonnes n tonnes n tonnes...

PS: My first testimonial I wrote for her in Orkut! This testimonial don't deserve there anymore!

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