Saturday, September 11, 2010

i never knew she loved me this lot.

How do you feel when someone you love the most is getting married to someone else? I'm sure you would get hurt. At least for a second I used to think 'if she came running at the last moment...' And if it happened, that would be the sweetest and most memorable moment of my entire life and worst moment of others' lives. I've thought about stuffs of that sort. I wish I were the one who married the gal I loved the most, no matter what.

But now, situation is just opposite to what it used to be. Before, I used to think 'Why cant she come running to me?' Now, I'm supposed to be the one running.

I know someone who loves me so much. I know she wants me to marry her. Should I run-away from where I'm supposed to be, shouting 'I Love You too'? Or just leave everything to God?

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Anonymous said...

Do you know something ? No matter whoever comes running to you , or you run-away from , love remains , no in fact it gets deeper . Let things go as they are , for , time always runs faster than us :) I know I am too young to say this , but thats the truth , isn't it ?

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...



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