Saturday, September 25, 2010

photographers suck.

I don't usually attend marriages or some functions where people gather around, shoot questions, pull legs and things of that sort. I don't like going to temples also. Not because I hate Gods, but I hate crowd. I'm sick of it.

I have got reasons for hating marriage functions. I hate people who just come to 'EAT'. However, there are situations where you can't skip a function like that. For example, your own marriage. You cant let someone else take your place for the reason that you hate crowds.

Lately, I attended one of my cousin's marriage. And now I bagged one more reason. And that would be Photographers! Fuck them, you see. They don't let people see the ceremony. Below is a picture I took. Tell me if you can actually see the couples other than some stupid people holding their cameras? (Oops. I understand you can only see some people standing on the stage. Sorry, I had it exaggerated :D)

Click image to enlarge

I decided. I wont let even a single cameraman inside, for my marriage (Of course if I happen to marry). I will ask my cousins to take some snaps. After all what are we going to do with the albums spending thousands?

Do I have a point, dears?


Anonymous said...

I almost agree with you..esp when you're eating and you're clicked :P

Anonymous said...

I disagree :P coz weding album is smthng u wud cherish life long , of corse if u r having a happy married life ;):D But apart from that I agree with you on everything - the crowd , 'eat' reason , etc . You can add back biting also :P But unlike you I like going to weddings for one main reaosn is - you can see lot of specimens there and laugh how weird some persons can really be !! :D:D:D

Guru said...

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys! Hire the high end professionals, they dont stand in front of the mandap! Well, not RIGHT in front anyway :) They also know the fine art of crouching :)


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