Wednesday, September 15, 2010

extremely useless finding.

I play cards (Microsoft Games to be exact :D) when I don't have work at office. So I've been playing this game for quite sometime. And I happened to notice something. Please don't kill me after reading this. Okay. I warn you, this is extremely useless information and not worth reading it. Seriously!

Okay. So you still want to read. I like that. Have you played MS game Solitaire? Have you ever noticed what happens when you win the game? The cards which you have arranged on their respective slots would jump out and make some nice (or weird?) design. This actually is a slow process. I mean card jumps out slow and moves away. (Please see the image for better understanding)

Now, what on earth is my 'finding'? Here it is. As I said earlier, the card moves slow. But, if you keep moving your mouse so fast, the card-motion becomes fast too. That's the information I would like to 'announce'. khe khe khe...

PS: I was striving for some topic to write on my blog. And God heard my prayers and made me move my mouse fast when I won the game. And I happened to make the most amazing discovery of all times.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing discovery !!!! :D:D:D Well I used to play this game a lot , but will try again and notice how far your 'finding' is true ;):P

Bdw , its really good to see you back to blogging :)Altho with weird findings ;):D

Anoop said...

khe khe khe... arti i knew tat was amazing..n tats y i decided to blog.. :D


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